How to Study When You Just Don't Want To

Getting the motivation to study can be so hard. Once you actually have it, you never know how long you’ll be able to keep it. I find myself choosing to play on my phone or watch T.V. instead of studying on a daily basis. I’ll look at the clock and it will say 6:47 so I tell myself I’ll start studying at 7. The next thing I know it’s 7:08 and I push back my study time to 7:30. This process goes on and on until I’ve basically run out of time to get a decent amount of studying under my belt. By the end of the night I end up frustrated with myself for pushing the studying off, and I end up mad at the material for not being easy enough to memorize in 20 minutes. Throughout this semester I’ve had to force myself to come up with new ways to ensure that I study. Harder classes mean I can’t just skim by with no effort. One of the main ways I’ve forced myself to study is by changing up my scenery. Sitting in your bedroom or on the couch in your living room can make you want to sleep or play on your phone. I now choose to go to the library or the office in my house when I have a lot of studying to get done. These quiet places both add a sense of comfort while also throwing you out of your comfort zone. Finding a quiet place that allows you to focus really increases your ability to study, and to retain the information you’re trying to learn. Another way I’ve made myself study is by providing incentives for myself. I’m really big into treating myself, so if I study hard enough and do well on a test I will reward myself with clothes or something else. I also use incentives such as snacks or spending time with people. While I am studying I will reward myself with little 15 snack breaks. I absolutely love food and

tend to use eating as a procrastination tool, so using it as an incentive has really seemed to help me. As for spending time with people, I love hanging out with my friends and family. I tend to choose that over studying any day. In order to make sure I get my studying done, I have started making plans with people a little later as to give myself time to study. I also inform the person I have plans with that I have to study before we can hang out so they help hold me accountable. My grades are super important to me. I would constantly stay mad at myself when I had bad study habits, so now that I’ve implemented these little things my habits have gotten so much better. Studying is something nobody really likes to do, but sadly all of us have to do it at least once a week. Things as simple as switching up your venue or rewarding yourself can really help you find the motivation to study and can even get you better grades in the long run!