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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Indy chapter.

Generation Z grew up during the rise of the digital age with early access to the internet and social media. While we love our modern living, many of us are participating in the retro revival of fashion, tech, and nostalgic candy and sodas! Downtown Indianapolis and Fountain Square are great locations near campus, with shops that help bring the past into the present! We’re moving forward, yet taking a step back in time.

You could thrift anywhere in Indy to find some vintage clothes and accessories. Not only is shopping for second-hand and used items cheaper, but it’s also great to get your hands on original and timeless garments! In addition to good ole’ Goodwill, there are several little vintage shops around the Indianapolis area to explore, like Zodiac Vintage on Virginia Ave.

While chilling on Virginia Ave, you can go purchase vinyl records, listen to live music, and grab some coffee all in one destination at the Square Cat Vinyl! This unique record shop is a great place to discover both old and modern music, either used or brand new. Music lovers who want to support local artists should pop in for a visit!

If you want to try something new to satisfy your sweet tooth, Rocket Fizz is your one-stop shop for soda pop and nostalgic candy! You don’t have to board a spaceship for this fun little journey. Head to Monument Circle to check out some crazy, creative drinks and treats! Once you step inside, you’ll feel like a little kid in a candy store, enthralled by the display of collectibles, old-school candy, and rows of unusual soda flavors! The drinks are sold in long-neck glass bottles, with some featuring throwback references on the labels, like the John Lennon-inspired John Lemonade, “Imagine all the thirsty people!”

There is something so fresh and exciting about the simpler times, probably because it feels so new to us in this rapidly changing world. Whether it’s putting together a classic outfit, listening to music from different eras, or trying the treats from yesteryear, get out there and experience something new with these blasts from the past!

I am a singer, writer, content creator, and a senior creative writing major and music minor attending the University of Indianapolis. I love expressing myself on the internet through performance, song, and fashion. You can follow my creative journey on social media as Sierrallstar! ⭐ Stars cannot shine without darkness ⭐