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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Indy chapter.

Almost any undergraduate student can agree that college life is challenging. This is a crucial point in our lives to learn how to manage time, prioritize tasks, keep up grades, make connections, and take care of ourselves while still having a balanced social and personal life. Not at all overwhelming, right? While these are struggles for any college student, where you attend school will significantly impact your routine. Attending a university close to a big city can have advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re already used to urban living or are currently acclimating after growing up in a small town, here are some ways to thrive, survive, and make the most of campus life near the city.

One of the major highlights of attending the University of Indianapolis is its proximity to Downtown Indianapolis. Being located near the city allows students to enjoy many fun activities in their free time, such as attending concerts and art museums, shopping at the Circle Centre Mall, playing games and safely drinking at arcade bars, or dining at fancy restaurants. You can also discover internships to help kickstart your future career and find other incredible opportunities to engage with the Indianapolis community. Some students may not feel comfortable getting behind the wheel, and that’s okay! You can take advantage of the Red Line buses, which often stop at the university and run through downtown Indy. When you’re not cooped up in your room with textbooks and notes sprawled all over the bed like a crazed Big Foot conspiracist, you should enjoy a night out on the town with friends to help you relax.

City life is bustling with activity. Something is always going on to keep you entertained or on high alert. That’s right. While city life as a college student can be wild and exciting, it can also be dangerous. Campuses near the city are prone to criminal activity around or even on school grounds. It just isn’t something you can escape from if you want to enjoy the perks of its location, but there are several things you can do to keep yourself safe. The buddy system is as vital on elementary school field trips as it is for young adults on campus. Walking to classes, especially at night, with a friend or a group of friends will make you less of a target for anyone looking for trouble. Obviously, avoid suspicious people and try to travel in more populated areas. Carrying your phone, mace or pepper spray, and some sort of alarm system you can press for emergencies will all be helpful tools to keep you safe on your way back to your dorm or car. Regardless of how safe you think a campus is, you should always lock your doors. If keeping your dorm key on you is a hassle, you can easily place it on a key ring or show some school pride by wearing it on a UIndy-themed lanyard.

Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons to attending campuses near or directly in the city. Still, you shouldn’t have to live in fear as long as you pay attention to your surroundings and care for yourself. One of my favorite things is the diversity on campus. You can broaden your understanding of different cultures with access to many festivals and events around the area. As warmer weather approaches, consider getting out and exploring. There will never be a dull moment in the big city.

I am a singer, writer, content creator, and a senior creative writing major and music minor attending the University of Indianapolis. I love expressing myself on the internet through performance, song, and fashion. You can follow my creative journey on social media as Sierrallstar! ⭐ Stars cannot shine without darkness ⭐