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3 Reasons Why the World of Fanfiction is Amazing

After many One Direction stories, and unimaginable couples such as Larry and Dramione, the world of fanfiction got a bad reputation. But let me explain to you why it’s actually a great thing.

Opens up imagination.

With reading, fanfiction comes the desire to write fanfiction – which is great. Writing is like vomiting everything that comes to your mind. You can create your own world and share it with people that like it too. The people who read fanfics understand that most people aren’t professional writers. They care more about the core of your story than anything, which allows you to pour your creativity into a paper. At the same time on websites such as Wattpad, you can read comments per paragraph, and with that comer a type of peer review that allows you to become a better writer.

  1. It creates opportunities.

    Not every writer has a chance to publish a book. Many books are amazing but don’t get to be seen by the people. With the platform offered to fanfiction writers, you get to use apps like the one mentioned before: Wattpad. Not only you can write and read fanfictions, but original stories too. If you feel like getting some money out of it, you can private your story so that readers can buy it. This created opportunities for new writers to show their work and be evaluated on it.

    A lot of people also get to pull some attention towards their own story. With that you end up with books being published and stories being made into movies – we all know After and The Kissing Booth. Many other stories develop from fanfictions, like 50 Shades of Grey started out as a Twilight fanfic, and The Mortal Instruments started out as a Harry Potter fanfiction.

  1. It forces people who hate reading to read.

    The thing about fanfics is that it fills up the minds of people with things that most likely will never happen. It opens a door to imagination and also opens a door for fans of music and TV to read a little bit. When faced with a couple you hate on your favorite TV show, you have to fill up the gaps with what you think should have happened. Leading fans into the arms of fanfiction.
    It also presents them to the world of literature. It is so important to read – and it doesn’t matter what. Read the news, read articles, read comic books, read a classic book or fanfiction, but read.


I was born in a city called Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. My major is Social Work and I intend to be a clinical social worker. I grew up in a very musical, and biracial family. I love anything related to books, writing, and human behavior. If you want to contact me, don't forget that doggo pictures are appreciated!
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