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Your Guide to Surviving Holiday Shopping

Black Friday shopping isn’t all its cracked up to be. Not only do you have to wake up before the sun has even risen (gross), but it isn’t even for a hot yoga class. If you are into standing in the cold and being in a stampede of angry and determined people for the slightest chance to grab a great deal, then good for you, and thus you should thank me. As I am such a cynic about Black Friday’s existence, I probably am the most qualified to give the best shopping advice in order to get what you need and get out fast.

With a few quick tips, you can get what you want, get it quick, and be back on your couch shoveling pieces of pumpkin pie into your mouth with a serving spoon in no time.

You may choose to start this event by doing some pre-shopping. Forbes suggests that you partake in an “advance stakeout” where you can scope out stores ahead of time to locate not only your desired merchandise, but also the closest register so that you can get out quickly. This will mentally prepare you for the day to come.

When the day has finally arrived: firstly, pregame. This means pie. Eat lots of pie. You need energy to withstand the large amount of annoying people you will have to fake smiles for as the shopping ensues.

Beyond pie, one should really plan for the battle. There are certain musts that can really help maximize your happiness and efficiency. Do not go Black Friday shopping alone; go with family or friends, power in numbers! Also, when Black Friday shopping you should wear a cross body bag. This keeps your belongings close to you, to prevent theft, which is not an uncommon occurrence at Black Friday events. It similarly keeps you from losing your belongings, a horror I don’t want to think about, as you look and shop.

You should also be sporting a cute pair of sneakers and some leggings. Make sure you are comfortable enough to maneuver through crowds and stay on your feet for a few hours straight. Truly, you should be able to break into a jog at a moment’s notice. I’d go as far to add a sports bra to the list. It all comes down to wearing what you will be the most capable in so that you may follow your strategy.

Black Friday starts with making a strategy. For example, avoid danger zones like parking lots. Coax a friend — someone like me, who despises this event — to drive and drop you off in front of the store. This way you can leave your coats and jackets in the car so that you do not have to hold them while you maneuver through congested aisles. Also, your plan should include both stores to stop at and specific items in these stores you plan to purchase. TODAY money reports, “…it might be worth your time to actually map out your Black Friday shopping. In the race to grab those limited bargains, it could make all the difference”. This type of organization is what will put you above the rest.

There should be no “shopping,” the day of Black Friday. Do not be that girl rummaging through bins, searching for something the day of. You should only be picking up and buying. This saves you time, frustration, and a face full of wrinkles by the time this experience ends. It is also impractical to believe you can get honest shopping done in the middle of a the hurricane that is Black Friday.

If you plan well, and work hard for a few hours, you may end up with a few items you want, sold to you at a very low price. There is really nothing better than shopping, and there is definitely nothing better than having to spend less. Follow these tips for an easier Black Friday experience this year. But please, don’t invite me.

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