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Homemade Scrunchies
Homemade Scrunchies
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Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season

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As the title says, fall is my favorite season, and there are plenty of reasons for that. All seasons have both pros and cons, but fall and spring are the perfect in-between. Fall, however, is like its own holiday; it’s a whole season worth celebrating. 

I absolutely love fall activities. From apple picking to pumpkin patches, to trying to complete a corn maze. One thing I can never decide is if I like painting pumpkins or carving pumpkins better. I remember when I was in grade school, there used to be a huge school-wide pumpkin painting contest. I’m not the most artistically talented, so I never won, but it was still so fun to do with my siblings and my mom.

Halloween. Everything about Halloween I love. Well, except for scary movies. I hate scary movies. The movies I prefer watching are the ones for kids, like Hocus Pocus and Coraline. I’ve recently conquered my fear of haunted houses (sort of). I’m terrified of those too, but they are definitely more fun than just sitting and watching a movie. This year, I’m wearing three Halloween costumes. I’m being Barbie, of course, and then still trying to figure out group costumes with my friends. We are probably gonna DIY our costumes, and that’s always the best part. 

Fall clothes! I love wearing my wannabe Rory Gilmore sweater (if you don’t know what is, look it up). I love lounging around and walking to class in comfy clothes. Besides dressing up cute, who doesn’t love wearing a pair of sweatpants and an oversized hoodie on a chilly day? And with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, that makes it even better.

Unpopular opinion: I’m not too fond of pumpkin-flavored things. For someone who loves fall as much as I do, you’d think I’d be crazy about pumpkin-spiced lattes and pumpkin pies. But, I am one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. I’m also not the biggest fan of candy corn, another fall staple. I do love all apple cinnamon-flavored things though! The smell of those candles too is to die for. 

If you love fall as much as I do, you should really join the October Lovers club here on campus if you are not already in it. You’ll meet tons of other fall fanatics and get to do a ton of fun activities with other people who also adore fall. We go to the pumpkin patch, we go to a haunted house, and best of all, we all get to go to a big barn dance. 

Fall goes by quickly, so I’m looking forward to making the best of it before my other favorite holiday, Christmas, rolls around. These few months really are the best time of year!

Jo Gomez

Illinois '26

Hey!! I'm Jo and I'm a freshman speech and hearing sciences major! I like to read fiction novels and write creatively for fun. I also really like binge-watching shows as well as shopping!