Why Being Single Is Better Than Settling

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about what it would be like if only the person you wanted to be with felt the same? Time to wake up and smell the coffee! It’s hard, but it’s the truth. Your time and energy are better spent elsewhere rather than focusing on what “could be.” Little do you know that you have been blessed with the ability to be free and further discover yourself. Embrace being alone - it isn't a curse! I’m convinced that being alone has some serious perks, like no one complains about the smell of your farts and you don’t have to split the last slice of pizza when you order take out.

You're free to be the best you

Often times, within relationships, I have come to find myself feeling restricted and unmotivated, further proving to myself that being in that relationship probably isn't the best idea if my ambition is at an all-time lull. There is nothing wrong with a good routine or being comfortable with a person, but when you're young you shouldn't feel stuck - your youth is your time to explore new options and the unknown.

You're not doing anything wrong

It frustrates me that there is this standard set within the media, as well as society, that we have conditioned individuals to believe if they are single THEY are the ones doing something wrong. In reality, being alone because you are recognizing the growth you still need to do on your own is a hell of a lot heather than just settling for a mediocre relationship that won't allow you to grow with the person because you still have a lot of self-discovering to do.

You can be selfish

You will have many "loves" in your life, but tying yourself down to the first one because you are scared of the unknown and of being alone prohibits you from the best parts of life, such as being able to be selfish about your own wants and needs. For all you know, an amazing person could be just around the corner. 

You don't have to settle

Settling in a relationship can lead to cheating, as well as resentment towards your partner, something that could be avoided at all costs if you would just be honest with yourself and recognize “Hey, I need to figure out who I am." The last thing you want to do is involve someone else's feelings, and ultimately end up hurting them because you don't feel the same way. Rather, you just liked the idea of being in a relationship because everyone else around you was.

You can become self-dependent

Always searching for the next person to be with can result in a lack of independence, as well as unhealthy codependency in order to seek validation. Don't get me wrong, attention as well as validation is nice when recorded by the other person, but if you can't do that for yourself at the end of the day…you need to reevaluate your relationship with yourself.

The last thing you want to do is settle and reflect back on all the things you could be doing or should have done, butt instead you were committed to someone else. There are pros and cons to every relationship, but if you constantly find yourself settling, then it's time to move on.

Enjoy being by yourself! After all, if you aren't able to enjoy your own company, then how is anyone else supposed to? Above all, put you and your happiness first!

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