What To Know About Studying Abroad

Many students would like to experience studying abroad. For those who are able to, there is a lot to consider before doing so. Most people only think about money, such as the cost of attending school and living expenses. However, it is also important to think about you and how to get the most out of the experience. Here are a couple of things to think about when planning on studying abroad. 


It is important to know about the place you are visiting. Although the school might suggest or propose locations, doing extra research can help you immensely. Some places simply aren't fit for certain people, and you should be aware of whether you will enjoy the place or not. In addition, know roughly how much you're going to be spending and where your money will be going. Budgeting is key when you're visiting a different country, especially because of currency exchange rates.


Sometimes, students don't see it as necessary to talk to their advisors, but they can actually help you a lot. They will walk you through programs that different colleges offer and give you helpful advice about scholarships. 


Even if you can pay for everything in the program, scholarships never hurt. The University, colleges and private firms offer scholarships for students planning on studying abroad. There are some on the Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange program website and several others listed on college and department websites. 


Apply as soon as you can! Last-minute applications can go wrong because you might find out you need signatures, extra proofreading, approvals or even documents that you may not be able to collect in a timely manner. Proofread your personal statement and be sure to mention why you want to go abroad. You are representing the University, and the school should be assured that you are qualified to study abroad. 



Prepare yourself for a new life and lots of adventures, and be ready to embrace the unknown. Many students study abroad in places they have never been, and some of these countries you may never go back to. Make the best of it! Prepare yourself emotionally, open up to other people and expand your network.

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