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Up-And-Coming Illinoisian Beauty Brands That Deserve Your Last Five Dollars

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With 80-degree highs in October, to sudden bursts of pouring rain the next day, this weather has left us all stunned. I hope to speak for all of us when I say no one bore the brunt of this unpredictable weather more than my skin and my throat (I write this as I chew on my cough drop).

When it’s hot and humid outside, excess oils build up in the pores of our skin, but when it’s suddenly cold, it dries our skin out, leaving it feeling rough and tough. This constant shift in the makeup of moisture in our skin can lead to irritated active acne, whitehead buildups and so much more!

So here I am today, to recommend you the most hip and upcoming small Illinois-owned skincare brands to keep your eye out for as fall approaches…

Clean Your Dirty Face

After frequenting multiple strange ‘skincare hacks’ off the internet, her grandma’s ancient secret remedies, packing makeup on top of her breakouts, only to find she somehow made things worse every time, founder Shama Patel left her job as an attorney to create CYDF for professionals and amateurs alike!

Bestsellers include:

  • The Green Monster Face Oil for an even glow, to combat rosacea or even to use as a primer!
  • 5 Minute Flash Facial which is “A 2-in-1 AHA resurfacing mask with a spicy blend of pumpkin enzymes, cinnamon bark and ginger root in an exfoliating rinse-off that deep cleans and brightens skin in 5 minutes,” in the words of the CYDF team themselves!

Flora and Noor

It’s halal, vegan and cruelty-free. They specialize in the needs of POCs with melanin-rich skin and people with chronic skin conditions, with specific products targeting hyperpigmentation and eczema. 

Some popular products include:

  • Hydration Station Aloe + Green Tea Cleanser is especially helpful for people with combination to oily skin types as green tea works to combat excess oil production and Aloe soothes the skin, especially when irritated or infested with active acne.
  • Rose Renewal 24/7 Ceramide and Tri-peptide Moisturizer. This moisturizing cream is made with a powerful combination of vegan ceramides, rose water, hyaluronic acid and tri-peptides to improve the skin’s moisture barrier function and maximize hydration, resulting in a radiant complexion. Rose water, which is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics, prepares the skin by tightening and decreasing the appearance of pores (and all the reviews are 5 stars, do with that what you will).

Kitsune Beauty

A beauty brand specialising solely in providing soothing and gentle lip balms to tackle the cracked and dry lip syndrome accompanying every Chicago winter. As the founder, Annisa said, this balm is packed with high-quality natural ingredients that really soothe and protect your lips. It has also been formulated without any artificial flavoring which helps prevent lip licking one of the other huge proponents of chapped lips.

Some popular products include:

  • Lanolin Original Lip Balm: unscented and unflavoured, and suuuuper hydrating!
  • Brobalm: Lip Balm for men
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