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UIUC Students Selected for the “Red Bull Can You Make It?” Challenge

Could you travel across Europe in seven days and only use 24 cans of Red Bull as currency?  Three University of Illinois students, Alison Mo, Nina Rajcevic, and Nirali Nahar, will be taking on this challenge in the “Red Bull Can You Make It?” competition.

Team Adrenillini will have one week, April 12th to April 19th, to travel from their assigned starting point to a designated final location while visiting unknown, selected checkpoints in Europe using only Red Bull as currency for transportation, food and accommodation. The winning team to make it to their final destination first will be invited to become Contiki Travel Ambassadors for the summer.

Thousands of teams applied, but only 165 teams were chosen to compete in the “Red Bull Can You Make It?” challenge. With such a large amount of other students to compete against, Team Adrenillini used their diversity to their advantage to set their team apart from the rest.  The three teammates from Croatia, India, and Vietnam will use their different backgrounds and knowledge to create the ultimate power team.

“We all have different personalities that complement each other. We all have different strengths that complement each other’s weaknesses. Therefore, we can always rely on each other to pick each other up when we’re down,” Alison Mo said.

Although they have worries about traveling without typically normal resources, the team is excited for what the challenge has in store for them, “I am excited to meet strangers along our journey, whether it’s strangers we meet to exchange stories or the other 164 teams from all over the world that have been selected for this challenge,” says Nirali Nahar. “After watching some of their videos, I cannot wait to meet all of those adventurous and awesome people.”

With so many opportunities available to the three on this trip, the team is already thinking of all the fun possibilities they might have, “I would love to travel through Munich, since Springfest will be going on, and it’d be awesome to trade some Red Bull for a big jug of local Bavarian Augustiner Keller beer and pretzels; dancing on tables and singing songs with all the Germans,” Alison Mo states.

Team Adrenilli is beyond ecstatic for April 12th to come and continue to get more, and more excited each day. Nina Rajcevic couldn’t believe the good news when she first found out, “I felt like I was walking on clouds that entire day, let alone week, and couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family as soon as the official announcement was released a few days later. I still feel like it’s a dream and don’t think it will be real until we get off that plane…”

To watch Team Adrenillini make their dream of exploring across Europe a reality, you can watch them on Red Bull TV where clips of the teams will be shown throughout the week. Check out the team’s “Red Bull Can You Make It?” page at https://www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com/en/teams/475/.

Good luck Team Adrenillini!

Photos Courtesy of Team Adrenillini


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