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Travel Blog: When In Roma


After a few days in Paris, my parents and I could not have been more excited to arrive at our next destination: Rome, Italy. To my delight, the scenery, the weather, the art, and yes…the Italian gelato were all just as magical as the movies had made them out to be! Just as Paris is a city of romance, you cannot help but get a special feeling of passion and happiness as you stroll down the beautiful and unique streets of Rome.

My first recommendation upon visiting this wonderful city is to try and travel by foot whenever possible. Rome is a city that is almost completely accessible by foot and you can see so much while walking. For example, on our second day in the city, my parents and I decided to walk along the Tiber River to the Vatican. Although it was quite a distance, the river was lined with locals setting up small booths to sell various items and I loved the chance to experience the true culture of Rome.

Speaking of the Vatican, if you love art, the Vatican will be your favorite spot in Rome. With the amount of history inside the Vatican City walls, I am not sure it was even possible to fully take in everything in the time we were given. Luckily, we had a great tour guide who specialized in art history to help us better understand each painting and statue that we came across.

Although it is hard to pinpoint what my favorite parts of Rome were, the Colosseum is one monument that is a must-see for any tourist of Rome. Originally an amphitheatre, the Colosseum sits in the center of Rome and is considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and is truly something to see and experience in person.

Finally, my trip to Rome would not have been complete had I not visited the Trevi Fountain. Surrounded by stone steps where you could relax and listen to the relaxing flow of the water, it was our last stop each evening after a long day of site seeing. Should you get the chance to visit the fountain, it is tradition for each tourist to turn around and toss a coin behind them into the fountain because if you do, it means that one day you will return to Rome.

Although Italy has many beautiful cities to explore, Rome is one city that everyone should visit! With so much beauty and history to experience, you will not regret including Rome in your travel itinerary!

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