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Top Study Spaces At The University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is filled with many different study spaces where students are invited to learn. Whether it be a historic library, collaborative classroom or quaint coffee shop, you are sure to find somewhere you feel comfortable learning. I have ranked my top five places to head off to for when I have an upcoming exam and aim to have a productive study session.

5. Main Library

An institution’s primary library is a central hub for college students surrounding the campus, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Main Library is no different. With its historic architecture and collection of over 24 million resources, everything you might need while learning is right at your fingertips. With the Orange Room reserved for collaboration and the upstairs sectioned off for silent studying, you get the best of both worlds at UIUC’s Main Library.

4. Siebel Center for Design (SCD)

The Siebel Center for Design is a top-tier location filled with countless whiteboards, classrooms, and study booths.  With its centralized location and a vast array of seating options, it is an excellent place to visit when in need of finishing up some work. Open every day from 7 am-midnight, there is almost always a chance to grind some work out at one of Champaign’s finest study spots. 

3. ACES (Funk) Library

ACES Library, also referred to as Funk Library, is the perfect place to go when you really need to remain focused. With four different floors and group study rooms, it is the go-to spot for when you really need to focus. Pro tip: Go at sunset and see Champaign-Urbana light up the sky as it glows a fiery orange and pink haze.

2. Caffe Paradiso

Located on the tip of the Urbana side of campus, Caffe Paradiso is a fan-favorite among students. Its gorgeous interior, filled with unique seating and teal walls, is a wonderful place to get some work done. In addition, there is also outside seating for those good weather days when all you want to do is soak up the sun. The ambiance is unmatched and the shop also provides some of the best coffee in town at some of the most affordable prices.  

1. Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

For starters, this recently remodeled building received a facelift in 2021 and now contains a Starbucks (with an order ahead option, might I add). It has an open floor plan with bright furniture that offers both group and individual seating options. On the third floor of the building, there are also two bright white nap pods where students are encouraged to decompress in between classes. Overall, it is a beautiful building equipped with all of the necessities like coffee, comfortable seating, and colorful decals to help you get through any assignment college might throw your way.

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