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Music-wise for a K-Pop girl group stan myself, 2022 is probably the best year for K-Pop girl group releases after 2017 and 2018. There have been many great new songs put out, but today I’m giving you my top 10 releases from this year. Keep in mind, I’m doing title tracks/pre-releases. 

10. Boys Like You by ITZY

Considering this song came out in October and had already placed this high on my list, says enough about how good it actually is. This is ITZY’s first English song and it’s a pre-release for their upcoming album Cheshire. This song gives Disney Channel Original Movie energy and I’m all for it.

9. Step Back BY GOT the beat

I hope SM entertainment lets these amazing women come out with another song because Step Back is unbelievably powerful. I mean, that is what you would expect from the (arguably) most talented female artists under SM entertainment.


I can’t imagine a more perfect debut for miss Choi Yena. It’s full of spunk, just like her, and it showcases how bright of an artist she is!

7. WA DA DA by Kep1er

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure what to think at first, but by the third or fourth listen I was doing that claw dancing motion they do when they say “WA DA DA!” 


The amount of adrenaline that pumps through my veins while listening to this song! I’m usually not a fan of more hollow, repetitive choruses, but I enjoyed this one!

5. Attention by NewJeans

This pop, r&b and mid-00s-influenced song were so refreshing toward the end of the summer. It served as a pre-release for the group’s first EP New Jeans, and I don’t think any other song could’ve been better. 


Nayeon was the first TWICE member to release a solo album. POP! is not only a quirky and addicting song, but it also went viral for its hand choreography that everyone now knows and loves!

3. Feel My Rhythm by Red Velvet

The queens of concepts dropped this song back in March, which just proves the well-deserved longevity of this tune. Sampled in this song is Bach’s Air On The G String, which was then accompanied by trap beats. This was a combination I never thought I’d like until I listened to this masterpiece. It makes me feel like I’m living out my princess ballerina dreams. 

2. After LIKE by IVE

If there was a model runway on Mario Kart’s rainbow road. Fun and fantastic.

1. DM by Fromis_9

Song of the year! During the first listen, it might not seem that special but I think all the components of this song came together so well. The 80s-sounding synths and the funky baseline? So good! They stay prominent throughout the song too. The harmonies feel enchanted and the vocals are so lush, especially when they belt “doesn’t matter.” The removal of the instrumental, the higher harmonies and the adlibs in the last chorus were all great touches for the ending. This song makes me feel like a girls’ night out in the city!

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