Step Out of Your Comfort Zone With These 5 Fashion Trends

It’s that time of year where each day it gets colder as we get closer to winter, and we’re all just trying to bundle up and stay as warm as we can. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress cute! Here are five fashion trends that you can follow to step out of your comfort zone this season!

1. Patterned pants

Now this is a trend I’m really loving, mainly because it’s so much more fun than wearing a plain pair of jeans or leggings. Not to mention you can wear patterned pants to class since most happen to be way comfier than jeans. You won’t sacrifice your warmth, which I know is a huge priority when you’re walking all the way across campus to get to class.

2. Layering a sweater under a dress

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for even mentioning the idea of wearing a dress around this time of year, but give it a chance! One trend that’s becoming more popular is layering a sweater or long-sleeve shirt under a dress. This is a perfect look to wear on weekends to brunch with friends, and it’ll make for some nice Instagram posts. To stay warm, especially here in the Midwest, make sure to slip on a pair of black tights for a classy look!

3. Plaid skirt

This may not be a part of your everyday outfit, but a plaid skirt can instantly make you look more put together (while also giving you some fall vibes). Pairing the skirt with a thick sweater and some tights will guarantee that you aren’t completely freezing. You can make this outfit more casual with a pair of sneakers, or you can dress it up with a pair of booties.

4. Oversized teddy bear coat

A teddy bear coat will keep you extra cozy when the temperature drops even more, and you have to admit that it makes any outfit look so much cuter. They’re available in neutral colors, but brown is by far the most popular.

5. Turtlenecks

We all have our typical go-to sweaters, but how often do you see someone wearing a turtleneck sweater? Not so often! Turtlenecks came back in style last year, and they’re just as big of a hit this year so don’t miss out! They can be seen on fashion accounts all over Instagram, like @tesschristinexo and @alexcentomo.


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