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Spring Fashion: From the Runway to Red Lion

Another New York Fashion week has come and gone. We saw pieces from designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford. And while all of them make absolutely beautiful clothing, sometimes these fashions can be a little unattainable for your average Collegiate. After all, how many times are we really in need of a gorgeous gown, worthy of only the red carpet and the runway? The answer: never.

We spend most of our days in class, in the library or lounging around our dorms, apartments and sorority houses. The most we ever need to get dressed up is for a night out at Red Lion. That leaves little necessity for couture items in our closets. But, just because we don’t necessarily need a ton of show-stopping, bank-breaking clothes doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate some of the same trends seen on the runway into our own wardrobes!


Fringe was seen all over this season’s runway, but it wasn’t just seen in your typical flapper dress like we’re used it. This spring, fringe was seen in things like scarves, jackets, skirts and headpieces. So, while the 1920’s inspired “The Great Gatsby” dress is still a great way to wear this trend, designers have stepped it up and created many new ways to wear this fun, playful look!

Derek Lam showcased this fringe scarf in his show, but for a less costly option, try making your own, like this tie-dye one. Not only is it very similar to the Lam’s, but you can easily do it yourself for a fraction of the cost!


One of this season’s trends isn’t all that new. Metallic has been popular on the runway for the past few years now, but it’s gotten a bit of a makeover. Long gone are the days of muted gold and silver. Now, bright and shiny metals are the way to go.

This Givenchy gown is stunning, but not very practical. Nasty Gal, a Collegiate-affordable website, offers a budget-friendly version that would be perfect for your sorority’s next date event!

Pop Art

Another Spring 2014 trend is pop art. In its more intense form, this trend is certainly for the daring. This Valentino jacket is definitely for the fashion risk takers of the world, but pop art can be worn by everyone.

If you’re not feeling bold but still want to add this trend to your wardrobe, try adding it in small doses. This bikini makes a statement, but since there isn’t a ton of fabric, it’s not as overwhelming as something like a jacket. And because it’s from Target, you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune!

Spring 2014 has given us some new trends, as well as some new takes on old ones, which are can be just as perfect for campus as they are for the runway. So while we may be on a college budget and we don’t have any red carpet events to attend, we can still wear the latest trends!


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