Spring Break 2016 Fashion Trends

Spring break is right around the corner so the trips to the mall have become part of our weekly schedules.  Even if we don't need an upgrade in our spring break wardrobe, we always think we could use a few more pair of shorts and bathing suits. If you decide to give into the temptations and buy some new things, here are the Spring Break 2016 trends that will make you the most stylish girl.

Strappy Bathing Suits: The tan lines can be difficult, but these suits are definitely in style.  Bright colors are in, but an all black bathing suit will set you apart on your spring break adventures.  Advice with these bathing suits: do not order them online. They all fit so differently and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable bathing suit for spring break.

Neutral Colors: Any store window you look in is filled with army green, tan, cream, white, and rose.  I am not complaining because I love these colors together, but I know that it can be hard to style if you do not prefer these colors of if they do not compliment your skin tone.  The pictures above have a few different styles so you can get your tan on and look like a beach goddess in these earthy-neutral tones.

Strappy Sandals: You either love 'em or you hate 'em.  Just like the strappy bathing suits, these can also be uncomfortable.  I recommend spending a little more money on them if you are going to be wearing them all of break. Yes, you can find some cheap pairs, but if you do, walk around in them for a little and see if you are going to get blisters.  These shoes look great with dress, cover-ups, and shorts so what is there to not love?!

You are all set to be the fashionista of your Spring Break trip!  Have a great time, look stylin’, and don’t dive too deep into your lifelong savings!

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