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The Shopping Cheats Every College Student Needs To Know

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

Every student knows how hard it is to afford the latest trends. Between paying for school, housing and food, it’s a miracle we have enough extra cash to go out at night. And when you’re living in Champaign-Urbana, there isn’t exactly the most colorful selection of apparel stores nearby. Borrowing from our roommates can only go for so long, so what is a college girl to do when she needs something to wear? Luckily, companies are catching on to this crisis and are trying to help us poor, broke students out, and many online clothing sites are now offering student discounts. While most online sites have a sales section, students can get further discounts on some of the most popular online shopping sites just for being students!


Thanks to the site myunidays.com, when students create an account and log into their student accounts, they have access to discounts for dozens of online clothing and technology stores. Some of the biggest names include ASOS, Levi’s and the Apple Store. Online boutiques and their student rebates like Chi Chi London’s 15 percent student discount and Boohoo’s 10 percent student discount are featured on this site.

However, UNiDAYS only has a couple dozen participating stores, but they aren’t the only ones giving discounts. Another option for finding companies that give student discounts is a site called retailmenot.com.

This site posts a complete list of almost every company that offers student discounts.  Some of the companies on this list include Greyhound, Amazon and Stubhub. So, whether you’re heading home for the weekend and need a cheap bus ticket or are looking for textbooks, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to save through these sites.

Studentrate.com is another great way to find discounts on items like makeup, technology and travel.  This site also has a large list of companies that give student discounts and shows the specific discounts they are offering at the time. Students can find discounts on vacations or search for student loans through studentrate.com. They have a list of deal categories that range from pubs and bars to financial services.


Whether you’re looking for new clothes, a new computer or just to save money, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of student discounts. But take advantage of it now, you won’t be a student forever!


Editor in Chief of Her Campus Illinois Chapter