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Rent The Runway At The University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Fashion is always changing and it comes with a high price tag. As Fashionistas try to stay current with the newest creations, they are burning a hole in their wallets. We want to look our best, and sometime that means spending a lot more than usual for one outfit that you wear once or maybe twice. Then after wearing that fabulous gown you fell in love with, it sits in the back of your closet, collecting dust.

Noticing this dilemma, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss — both graduates of Harvard Business School — put their heads together to create Rent the Runway. Since the startup, Rent the Runway has been providing women from all kinds of professions and events with designer clothes and accessories. TIMES, Forbes, Access Hollywood Live, The Wall Street Journal, all major fashion magazines and more have praised RTR for this innovative idea that is changing the industry for consumers and producer with their, excellent service, wide variety and affordability.

RTR offers a wide range of designer brands, and offers dresses and clothes from casual events up to red-carpet walks. Jenn and Jenny have collaborated with designer like Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and many more to bring their members the best in the industry. Now, RTR is a fashion source for even celebrities for their glamorous events. Kate Middelton has been spotted wearing a dress on the site and the Jenner girls worked in LA with a RTR Pop-Up-Shop.

The campus representative internship program is a key part of building RTR’s reputation and increasing membership. The college campus is where Jenn and Jenny started their company and where they see their company flourishing. The campus representatives are comprised of a manager, public relations chair, advertising chair, and an events coordinator. This is a great opportunity for anybody interested in the company, and ladies of all major are welcome to apply for this opportunity. One of the best parts is that you do not need any previous experience to become a campus representative and it could lead to great opportunities, like interning in New York at Rent the Runway! This summer one of our current Illinois interns, Julia Haried, worked in New York City with thirty other interns from across the nation at corporate in Soho, NY.

This internship program is truly amazing for anyone who wants to go into the fashion, advertising, events coordinating, public relations field and anyone who just wants to learn more about the industry. Often times, when we search for jobs, or internships, the companies require that we have had previous experience. However, since RTR internship does not require previous experience, it allows ladies who have not gotten the chance to intern at a firm, learn about the industry through training and putting herself out to their campus and actually gaining real work experience. There is no other internship on campus or company that wants their interns to become the future of the industry and empower them as much as RTR does with this program.

The University of Illinois is one of more than 200 colleges across the nation to have the internship program with RTR, and they are excited to fall into this 2012/2013 school year. They are looking to collaborate with many of the student organizations around campus to showcase all that RTR has to offer, so connect with any of the campus representatives for the exciting events to come. Join RTR by signing up for a free membership at http://www.renttherunway.com/uillinois and rent with the U of I’s RTR team! Become apart of Rent the Runway which is changing every girls wardrobe for every event.

Connect with RTR Illinois:
Twitter: @RTRIllinois
Instagram: @RentTheRunway_UIUC

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