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tao and elle on a movie date in heartstopper season 2
tao and elle on a movie date in heartstopper season 2
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Putting Yourself Out There

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

Ugh! Haven’t we heard this a million times before? Whether it’s meeting new friends or going on a date, this phrase is the foundation of doing stuff that scares us. This skill, though anxiety-inducing, is so important, especially in college. It’s how you make friends, build relationships and find connections that will be central to your life. If you need some tips and tricks in this department, maybe the ones outlined below will help you out!

own who you are

If you don’t build confidence in yourself, that’s going to show in how you present yourself to the world. People are drawn to other people that have a “vibe” about them. All this comes down to is celebrating your unique strengths and highlighting what you can bring to the table. For example, if you’re great at making jokes, this can be a real skill that takes you far in building relationships. If you make it known that you can carry an interesting conversation and make people laugh, you’re more likely to break down that awkward wall that exists when you first meet someone new!

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Step out of your comfort zone

From personal experience, doing something “scary” every once in a while is good for the soul. It’s healthy to challenge your boundaries because that’s what makes you grow more as a person. Yes, routine and comfort are nice and they bring us peace, but changing it up a little bit sometimes can make life exciting. Stepping out of your comfort zone can look like a wide variety of things. Join a new club that sparks your interest, go to a party that your crush will be at, practice making conversation with a stranger in an elevator or start playing a sport you’ve never played before. The possibilities are endless. As a tip to remember, embarrassment mostly exists in your head and not in the physical world.

Remember that others are in the same boat too

It might give you peace of mind knowing that other people also are in the process of putting themselves out there. No matter what situation you’re in, chances are there will be someone you meet along the way who’s trying to achieve the same things. This should help with two things: knowing that you’re not alone in trying to establish yourself and that there are available people out there who are looking for friends (or a partner) as well! Everyone’s just trying to figure life out.

Putting yourself out there can be met with doubt and rejection, but it’s important to keep your chin up. Because you’re in a college setting, this idea has a lot of importance behind it because the environment you’ve entered is likely much different than what you’re used to. This forces us to become more social and be confident in our abilities. As you navigate your college years, remember you get out what you put in, so make the most of this experience!

Hi everyone, my name is Solomiya and I am a junior majoring in Kinesiology at UIUC. Though I study within a STEM related field, I have always loved the arts- especially writing. I am so excited to be on this team and rekindle that writer's spark!