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Outfit Color Coordination Matters, So Here’s How To Do It

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You’ve just gotten ready for your class when you decide to check your reflection in the mirror and notice something seems off. Something about the colors doesn’t quite seem cohesive. Color coordination is easily an underlooked aspect of picking out an outfit. And yet, this is the foundation of a good fit. So, let’s get down to the basics.

Tan, White and denim


This is a classic color combination that looks good on just about anyone, which is likely due to the fact these are neutral colors. I usually wear this combo when I’m going to a meeting that requires a certain level of professionalism such as an exec meeting, a coffee chat or just simple business casual. This is also a great color combo with jackets like trench coats, which will ensure you stay looking chic!

Cobalt blue and white

This has arguably been my favorite spring combo of 2024. It’s such an easy way to add color and still look tasteful. Cobalt blue helps to add spring enthusiasm and surrealism while the white offsets it with a crisp touch. Trust me on this one, if you don’t try any other combo, try this one out!

soft brown and lilac

Interestingly enough, this combo is a great way to wear an entirely colored fit while avoiding looking like a fairy threw up on you. The subtle warmth in brown hues will compliment the wispyness of lilac making this a perfect day and evening outfit. This type of combo is definitely one to wear when you want to make a fashion statement without making it obvious.

emerald green and black

This is my go-to color combo for women and men all year round. This combination is effortlessly chic and has no business being so breathtaking. The boldness of emerald paired with the sultry of black makes this a phenomenal nighttime staple for a concert, dinner or even party. Bonus points if you also pair white with it, then you’re really ready to premier.

baby pink and black

Baby pink has been all the hype recently with the trendy croquette theme spewing from TikTok and honestly, it’s for a good reason. Baby pink adds a hint of subtlety and softness that’s hard to come by. Added in with a statement color such as black, you’re looking at a really well-balanced outfit easily suitable for any time of the day all throughout spring. 

white and black

A classic for a reason, this color combination will absolutely never fail you. Whether it’s running out for errands in black shorts and a white v-neck top, or serving it up on the courts with a white pleated skirt and black sports bra or even a night out with a white evening gown and black trimmings. There’s a reason why luxury brands like Chanel have these as their brand colors, it adds sophistication. If sophistication and timeless beauty is what you’re going for, black and white is the way to go.

Next time you plan a dinner date, coffee chat, gym workout or academic weapon session, try out one of these color combinations. You’ll be surprised at how many new outfits you already have in your wardrobe! That’s all from me this week. Until next time, stay uniquely with you!

Mierra Freeman

Illinois '26

Hiya! My name is Mierra Freeman, and I am currently a sophomore studying sociology, while on the Pre-Law track. Although I want to pursue Criminal law as my career path, I have always had a passion and special place in my heart for all things beauty, self care, skincare, positivity, and fashion! I hope that together we are able to embark on this wonderful journey in the world of beauty and positivity. Never forget to stay uniquely you!!💗