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Non-Tacky Ways To Rock The St. Patrick’s Day Look On Unofficial

Although drinking will be the focus of this weekend, no one should have to sacrifice wearing a cute outfit due to the unspoken bright green dress code that is enforced on Unofficial. This weekend, get creative with your look without looking tacky.

Gold Jewelry

If you’re going to add bling this weekend, it should be gold. Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day more than gold accents on an outfit, and some cute gold hoops or bangles are the perfect way to work some ice into your look. However, we recommend against wearing your heirloom gold chain your grandmother passed down to you, because you *will* lose it or break it.

Dark Green Nails

Generally speaking, green nails are to be avoided like the plague. However, a dark green shade of polish can look elegant, especially when they are freshly painted and chip-free. While bright greens can often clash, a dark green is subtle enough to add a clean touch to your Unofficial outfit.

Green Beanie

In a sea of drunken, green sweatshirt-clad students who can barely remember their first names, a green beanie isn’t only a cute way to greenify a normal outfit, but is also a practical way to help your friends find you throughout the day. If you don’t want to spend money on a green t-shirt, a green beanie is an alternative you can wear year-round.

Gold Eye Makeup

A subtle way to rock the St. Patrick’s day look, gold eye shadow is timeless and goes with any look– even a kelly green “beer me” t-shirt. This look can transfer from dartys to dimly lit bars at night while still carrying the festive “pot o’ gold” look. Even though the dress code this weekend is casual, dressing up your look with chic eyeshadow will keep your face looking put together and elegant.

Different Shades of Green

While kelly green will be the majority of the color scheme this weekend, it’s not the only option. If you’re looking for a unique way to do Unofficial, try combining different shades of light green and dark in your outfit. You’ll not only look like the most original person at the party, but you’ll stay festive and chic among the beer-stained “kiss me I’m Irish” sweatshirts.


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