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Never Been Touched


“I mean all guys can’t want that, right?”


This problem may not prove to be as popular in this day and age, however, it is still a problem with a great deal of girls in their relationships. Tons of girls want boyfriends. Every girl doesn’t want to have sex though. Sex is viewed differently in the eyes of many people. Half of the time, girls say they’re “ready” because their boyfriends say they are. About a fourth of the time they’re ready because they turned 18 and they think they’re a woman, and the last fourth is split between the girls who’ve been with their boyfriends for a “long time” and feel like that’s just the next step and the girls that actually make the conscious decision to do so. Whatever the reason, it happens, and sometimes when it doesn’t happen, things can get rocky.


It would be common sense to say that if a guy isn’t okay with you not wanting to have sex, then he’s not the guy you should be with. That’s about normal. Whatever the case, we all know that that isn’t the mental path we want to go down all the time.

No one wants to believe that.


No one wants their boyfriend to break up with them because they don’t want to have sex. On top of that, they definitely don’t want him to go out and have sex with someone else. The summation of these pressures often times result in girls giving in. Sometimes they have sex and it works out. Nothing goes wrong and they’re happy with their decision. That’s not always the case though. You don’t want to be pressured into losing your virginity. Your boyfriend may have lost his when he was fourteen and it may have meant absolutely nothing to him, but if it means something to you, keep it. If you mean something to him, he’ll keep you.

In college this pressure grows exponentially. “You’re twenty-one and you haven’t had sex before?” Some guys may think that’s impressive and others probably won’t want to be bothered, and I believe this is what comes along with keeping your promise to yourself. Whether you’ve made a promise to God that you’d wait until you’re married, you’re waiting to fall in love, or you’re waiting to turn a particular age, don’t quit. Don’t give up. You’re the most important person in your life. Every decision you make, affects you. If you don’t want to have sex, you don’t have to. If he doesn’t understand that, he doesn’t have to. If your friends don’t understand that, they don’t have to. It’s your decision. It’s your life. It may seem like it’s a struggle now, but, you’ll feel great if you stick to your original plan.


And whenever you feel like you’ve reached your goal, go for it. Be safe. Be smart. Have a great time. 

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