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With the approach of fall along with the upcoming fall weather, I personally have a list of fall festivities that I have to complete otherwise it can’t be deemed a “good” fall. From a good old Harry Potter marathon to visiting a pumpkin patch, all of these things add up to make an ideal fall. 

Go to a pumpkin patch

While I was growing up I was always jealous of those families that used to go to an activity for every season. A light show in the winter, a tulip festival in the spring, a carnival over the summer, and then a pumpkin patch every fall. Because while I love my parents and I had a great childhood, that was not my family. So once I got to the age where I was able to go off and do things by myself or with my friends, I made going to a pumpkin patch a yearly tradition. The idea of going to a cute pumpkin patch, picking out the perfect pumpkin, buying some apple cider and apples, and then going home and carving the pumpkins is truly a picture-perfect fall day. My friends and I have a pumpkin decorating competition every year and it always ends in a few bloody fingers and it truly tests our friendship, but it’s such a great time that I highly recommend this tradition. 

Harry Potter Marathon

Harry Potter World Hogwarts
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon

Now I recognize that not everyone had a childhood fixation on Harry Potter like I did, but no matter who you are, you can recognize the nostalgic and welcoming feeling that you feel when the first Harry Potter movie gets turned on. It’s the sweetest sigh when you watch as young Harry, Ron and Hermione walk into Hogwarts for the first time and see the golden glow from the candles hanging in the great hall. I personally like to go all out for my Harry Potter marathons and tend to make some homemade butter beer, pumpkin pasties and some treacle tarts. This makes you feel like you’re sitting in Hogsmeade with them and makes watching the whole series a truly fun experience. 

Go apple picking

Now this one goes right along with the pumpkin patch activity, however, I think apple picking is the true fall activity that has to be done at some point every fall. Whether you just go to a small apple orchard, or a big one that has activities like a maze and a hay ride, any apple orchard will always be a good time. Growing up my family was an apple picking family and our favorite activity was to go pick the apples and then come home and make an apple pie and have it with some apple cider. This combination brightens up any fall day and is the perfect combination to end your apple-picking day with. 

Lilia Djeddour

Illinois '27

Lilia Djeddour (she/her) Civil Engineering student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign