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Girls’ night in is all about bonding, having fun and making unforgettable memories with your closest friends. If you’re on the lookout for activities for a top-notch girls’ night experience, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore four enjoyable girls’ night activities that are guaranteed to make your late-night hangouts and sleepovers a blast.

Movie night

There’s no going wrong with movie nights… movies are such an easy way to have a good time. You can watch your favorite movies, find old favorites, and discover new ones together. Create a comfy movie-watching area with blankets and cushions and make some popcorn. One thing I like to do is pick a theme for the night, like rom-coms or 2,000s classics. Sometimes it’s fun to watch an entire movie series. Whatever you choose to put on your screen, movie nights are not just about watching; they offer a chance to bond and connect with friends. So, grab your comfort food, pick a movie, and create a cinematic experience at home!

solve a murder mystery

Ever wanted to be a detective? Now you can! There are mystery-solving games and escape room kits designed for home use that you can find in many online stores. As a team, look for clues, solve puzzles, and catch the culprit. These games are not only fun but are also another great way to bond with one another. There are many different cases to choose from, and these murder mysteries offer hours of entertainment.


What better way to capture a girls’ night than with a photoshoot? Set up a backdrop yourself or simply find a pretty place in your home for pictures. You can each take turns being in the photos and being the photographer. Photoshoots are a great way to show both your confidence and your creativity. Plus, you’ll end up with a collection of cute photos!

Have a costume night

Having a costume night adds some extra excitement. It’s definitely a way to get a good laugh. One of my favorite costume themes is “rhyme without reason,” where you find a partner and you both dress up in costumes that don’t necessarily connect but do rhyme. An example of this could be Lightning McQueen and Mr. Clean or Butterfly and FBI. A costume night is a chance to see your friends in a whole new light and to appreciate their humor and creativity.

Girls’ night offers endless opportunities for fun. Whatever way your friend group decides to spend the night, you are all bound to create long-lasting memories. These are just a few examples of what I like to do, but there are plenty of other options out there to choose from that are just as fun! Good luck!

Lauren Cravens

Illinois '25