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Get your Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music or whatever app you listen to music on out! I’m going to take you through my playlist for this fall season! I have a variety of types of music, so there is a mix of breakup songs, love songs, songs about life and just generally good beats!

I like to have a mixed playlist, especially since fall weather is relatively all over the place in terms of weather, school and holidays! Listen to what you like. This is the music I listen to as I walk through campus through the changing leaves, the cool breeze, and the clouds with the occasional streak of sunlight.

This playlist also works for when I would rather stay in. I love to listen to these songs as I do homework or do some sort of self-care.

  • Can’t Stop The Stars — Jungle
    This has such a fun beat that makes me feel like I am in a movie!
  • Pink + White — Frank Ocean
    This is a well-known song that makes me feel warm inside.
  • Home To Another One — Madison Beer
    I love Madison Beer and this has such a good beat, I love walking outside while listening to this one!
  • Tell You How I’m Feeling — Kevin Garrett
    This one is super cute and reminds me of the rise of new friendships and relationships!
  • Simple Song — The Shins
    This one has such great energy to it and reminds me of older songs/artists!
  • North — Fly By Midnight
    I like the cool beat to this one, it is another one I love walking outside with!
  • Goodbye — Apparat, Soap&Skin
    This is a spooky one that gives me Halloween energy and makes me feel like I’m in a psychological movie.
  • GROWING UP IS ______ — Ruel
    This song reminds me that fall is a time of change and growth!
  • Waiting Forever — ODESZA, Yellow House, Preston.
    I absolutely adore ODESZA’s music so this is a no-brainer and a recent release!
  • THANK GOD — Travis Scott
    I love this song’s spooky energy for the fall vibes!
  • MELTDOWN — Travis Scott, Drake
    I love the beat and its empowering energy for the new season.
  • Driveway — Great Northern
    Great spooky and relatively slow vibe!
  • Gone — JR JR
    I like how positive this one is and it is great for walking outside in the sun!
  • Tomorrow Is Closed — Nothing But Thieves
    This reminds me that I am still young, even amidst the stress and chaos!
  • Live It Up (High Tide) — Surfaces
    This new release gives great positive energy!
  • Life On Earth — Snow Patrol
    Love the spooky sound, and the lyrics are so good!

I chose these songs because a lot of them I recently found and they remind me to take a breath, especially with midterm season upon us! These songs all have great beats that create some kind of calming or positive energy for me! A handful of them have a spooky sound to them, which is perfect for the Halloween vibes!

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My name is Sarah Kahn and I am a Junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign! I am studying Information Sciences, along with pre-med. I love to play tennis, sing, listen to music, and spend time with my friends! I also love to paint and be creative in a multitude of outlets :) I really love all things related to self-care, wellbeing, and makeup! I have always been interested in these things and prioritized them into my daily routine.