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Music Blog: Dig Up Those Great Oldies

When I returned home for the summer, I did so with a “to-do” list. If I had actually written it down, the list would have filled several of the notebooks I never actually used this year at school. Though the to-do list sat in my mind for my first week at home, I, of course, chose to sit on the couch and watch Criminal Minds rather than get to it. Finally, after a week of constant laziness, I decided it was time to get cracking.
My first task was simple: unpack. Little did I know, this would lead to a different, much more fun task – learning to use an iPod. (My technological skills belong in my parents generation, not my own!) As I was unpacking, I kept coming across more and more old CDs, all covered in dust and screaming, “Throw me away! I’m a waste of space! Get with technology!” So, I slowly but surely figured out how to load a CD, click a few buttons and develop a playlist on the ever popular, and surprisingly brainless, iTunes system.
If you’ve got old CDs lying around – especially if there are hundreds like in my case, I suggest sitting down on your deck this summer, catching some rays and updating your iTunes. It’s a fun, productive task that will ultimately make your parties, gym time, long drives and anything else that requires musical accompaniment, easier and more enjoyable. And you’ll come across some old gems you forgot you loved! Don’t believe it? Think all your old music just plain sucks? Think again! Especially if you find any of these albums:
Dashboard Confessional, MTV Unplugged: Though this album got me through lots of pre-teen angst and the end-of-the-world relationship issues we all experience in middle school, it is truly a great album that I believe is much more suited for an older audience, like college students, for example. Between “Hands Down,” “The Brilliant Dance” and “Again I Go Unnoticed,” you find every possible landing on the spectrum of love. The “unplugged” (acoustic) versions of these popular songs make them that much more real as well.
My song recommendation: “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most.”

Something Corporate, North: The sweet sounds of the piano set Something Corporate apart from many similar bands. Most of my friends have never even heard of the band, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon them during my first visit to Summer Fest in Milwaukee. Since then, I’ve loved the band. Even if you’re like most of my friends who don’t own the album and have never heard of these guys, do yourself a favor and check out, “As You Sleep,” “The Runaway” and “She Paints me Blue.”
My song recommendation: “Ruthless”

Shania Twain, Come on Over: She’s a household name, but when was the last time you downloaded her tunes to your music library or jammed to one of her songs? Country fans now know Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and the ever-popular, pop-country Taylor Swift. But credit must be given to Shania Twain, one of the goddesses of popular country. If you haven’t ridden in the car and sang, “That Don’t Impress me Much” or “Man I Feel Like a Woman” with your girlfriends lately (or your boyfriends, whatever floats your boat), get out there and belt these powerful songs! Shania’s album is a feel-good, feel love, feel who you are feast for the ears.
My song recommendation: “You’re Still the One”

So, music lovers, take twenty minutes and stop downloading Lady GaGa and Ke$ha. Dig up that old CD case I know you all have hiding somewhere and check out where your music taste has come from. Find out what CDs still make you laugh, cry or simply sing your lungs out, and put them back to good use!

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