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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt like 2023 flew by in the blink of an eye. I think as we get older, we tend to notice time ticking faster on the clock. If you felt like you could or should have done more last year, it’s not too late to make those changes now! They don’t necessarily have to be huge and groundbreaking. Sometimes, a little goes a long way! Make 2024 the year of you.

Take a Social Media cleanse

The impact that social media has on our lives is tremendous. The notification checks and endless scrolling sucks us in and I think at this point, we are all a little addicted (myself included). Not to mention, influencer culture is breaking our bank accounts. Do we actually need every new Rare Beauty product that comes out? Signing out of your TikTok or Instagram account might be a good idea. You can take a breather for a few days or a week and then return to it to see how you feel. You might notice that you don’t feel the need to pick up your phone every time it dings! Obviously, this advice isn’t for everybody, especially if your job or your hobbies involve the use of your socials. However, it might be something to try to ease your mind!

Prioritize healthy, Supportive relationships

We are social creatures and need human connection. Friends and significant others are a great addition to your life, but you want to make sure that they are the right kind of person to deserve your attention. Word of advice: if you feel like you have to change yourself to be friends with a person, then maybe they don’t have your best interest at heart. Start by evaluating what kind person you want to be and then be choosy with who fits that image. In my opinion, it is important to establish mutual trust, be supportive of one another’s endeavors and have the ability to express your true selves without fear of rejection. If you realize you want to change the type of people you let into your life, go for it! I encourage you to not be afraid of choosing what’s best for you. 

Travel more and experience new things

I know what you’re thinking, how can I possibly go out and do more things while on a college student budget? I had the same question. If you feel that new experiences and travel is important to you, make that a priority to save for! I’m definitely the type to appreciate an experience more than a material item, so I don’t mind saving money specifically for those purposes. A part–time job on campus is a great idea, if you can fit it into your schedule. Working over breaks and setting spending limitations for myself has helped me save more, too. There are budget friendly ways to book flights, hotels and more (websites like Orbitz or StudentUniverse) that I’ve personally used to get more bang for my buck! I promise a little research for a bargain goes a long way. 

Hi everyone, my name is Solomiya and I am a junior majoring in Kinesiology at UIUC. Though I study within a STEM related field, I have always loved the arts- especially writing. I am so excited to be on this team and rekindle that writer's spark!