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Taylor Swift\'s album vinyls
Taylor Swift\'s album vinyls
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How to Dress for the Eras Tour: Style Guide

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The Eras Tour, the center of Swiftie’s attention. Debut, 1989, all the way to Midnights. In total, twelve albums, but ten eras. How does one even begin to pick an outfit for the show? This guide is meant to help you pick an outfit for whatever era you would like to dress up for. 

Taylor’s first debut album named Taylor Swift is all country. She has those country pop hits and sings with a country twinge. Cowboy boots, cowboy hats, jean jackets, and patterned dresses fit the style. 

While Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is technically Taylor’s second album, it was rerecorded two years ago along with new songs released. The vibe of Fearless is still a little country, so the cowboy hat and boots can still be put to use! However, the color scheme switches to more gold, white, and silver, as well as fringe style dresses. 

New album, new colors! If Speak Now is your favorite album, any shade of purple will do, but specifically a royal purple. Silver sparkles are a big trend as well. Fringe style dresses and cowboy accessories can still be pulled out, and puffy princess style dresses are now introduced. 

Another rerecorded album Red (Taylor’s Version) is up next. The title in itself is self-explanatory for the color scheme. Some iconic accessories are red heart sunglasses, a red cap, and Taylors “Not A Lot Going On at the Moment” t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to layer on the red lipstick!

Taylor has officially entered into her “pop queen” era. Heart shaped sunglasses, sequin shorts, and a sequin bomber jacket are some of Taylor’s famous pieces she wore while touring for 1989, so it’s easy to recreate this look. Add in some light blue to match the album cover and you’re set!

Taylor’s Reputation era is the last time she went on tour. Since the album cover is like a newspaper, newspaper paterrened pants or dresses have been trending. And of course, sequins complete the look, specifically being in an all black outfit.

The vibe of Lover is pink and hearts and rainbow colors all over, really embodying the album title. Personally, this is the album I’ll be dressing for, complete with a rainbow sequin dress and pink feather boa. 

Entering into one of two of the most laidback eras, Folklore. If you want to be less flashy, you could get away with simply wearing a pair of jeans and a big cardigan. If you want to be a little more dressed up, brown, gray, green and other neutrals are the way to go. Put together a pair of plaid patterned pants and a brown long sleeve, or pick up a cute floral top. 

The next most laidback era is Evermore. It’s similar enough to Folklore where you could get away with wearing similar outfits. Flannel, plaid, floral, or a flowy dress, as well as a similar color scheme. 

Finally, Taylor’s most recent album Midnights is all about dark, cool tones, with navy and dark blue being the main colors. Going along with the album title, I’ve seen a lot of outfits incorporating the moon and stars to go along with it. And, once again, sequins are a must.

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