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How to Study for Multiple Finals at Once

Sound the alarm - it's finals time. For every student, this is undoubtedly a time fueled by stress, anxiety, and caffeine. Being productive can be hard, especially when towards the end of the semester all you want to do is spend time with friends you don't see as often during the school year. Here are some tips to stay on top of your studying! 


1. Create a to-do list

Creating a to-do list can be extremely helpful. I often find that I’ll remember that I have to do something, only to forget about it when I actually have time to do it. Writing things down can help you visualize how much you have to do, and then you can also put your mind at ease knowing that you aren’t forgetting something.

2. Create a schedule

Being organized is a good first step in any situation. It can be very easy to feel swamped with the amount of work or studying you have to do, especially when you aren’t really sure how much you have to do. First, organize your to-do list by class, subject, or whatever category would group things that you could study together or relate to a similar topic. Then, either by exam or content, use your to-do list to create a schedule of when and for how long you will study for each thing on your list. This will help you keep yourself accountable and also will ensure that you don’t end up trying to cram the night before. Also, think about creating a bullet journal! This can be a creative outlet while still being productive and inevitably super cute. 

3. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

I am someone who has never understood how people stay up all night studying for an exam, but if you’re that person, I’m here to tell you to go to sleep. Studies after studies have shown that a good night’s sleep before an exam is extremely important and that you’re actually very likely to forget everything you tried to cram into your brain instead of sleeping. The best way to do this is to stick to your schedule. If you have your weeks planned, you can make sure you’re getting your studying done and can still go to sleep at a somewhat normal hour. Everyone has heard that sleep is important; now it’s time to put that into practice!

4. Understand your limits

Understanding your limits can mean a lot of things. It means taking care of your mental health and understanding that this class, exam, or project is not the end of the world. Many people retake classes, and a "bad grade" in one class isn't going to negatively affect the rest of your college career. It is far more important to be happy than to have a good grade. For most people, it can be hard to find the balance between finding “me time” and studying; however, it's important to understand that getting good grades isn’t worth it if you’re not happy with your life.


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