How to Stay Sane During College Finals

Staying sane during finals season is not easy sometimes. Trying to balance your college life and studying for five exams can get interesting. Here are some simple tips to follow to get through finals season and make it to summer!

1. Study in advance 

Who says studying for finals has to start the week of finals? If you can start studying early, do it. It will benefit you in the long run; once official exam week begins, you can begin to feel the exam stress piling up. Slowly start reviewing notes and concepts a few weeks before the final exam to keep all the information in your brain. That way, you can just review a few days before your final and apply concepts easily during the exam. 

2. Incorporate study breaks 

Taking breaks while you’re studying is key to not overworking your brain. When you’re staring at books, notes and screens for a while, you’ll likely develop tunnel vision and forget what you’re even supposed to be doing. FaceTime a friend from home, grab a quick snack or watch a YouTube video for a quick little brain break. 

3. Switch up where you study 

If you usually study in your dorm, try moving to the library, the Union or a nice cafe. Sometimes a change in scenery can help you refocus your energy and put your mindset back to where it needs to be to study effectively for your exams. 

4. Fit in a workout to relieve stress 

Exercising can be a huge stress reliever — something you might want or need during finals week. If it fits into your study schedule, pick a time to go during that week to release some pent-up stress and anxiety. It can even be one of your study breaks; do a quick ab workout, go for a short run or anything to take your mind off of exams and studying for a short time. 

5. Eat real, full meals (and snacks!) 

Students can sometimes forget to eat when they’re stressed and have a lot of studying to do. Make sure you’re eating full meals, especially breakfast if you have early morning finals. Your brain needs energy to be able to function to its full potential. If you have finals on the same day or back-to-back, don’t forget to pack snacks for in between exams, or grab a bite in between.

6. Make plans to look forward to after finals 

Having something fun to look forward to after a long week of finals can help you get through it. Plan a day (or night!) out with a group of friends to do something fun, or go out together once finals are over for everyone. It’ll be a nice reward after all the hard work and will be a fun last hurrah before the school year is over.


All these tips are helpful in reducing stress and staying on task during finals season. Remember: You got this! 


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