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Halloween Movies to Watch That Will Have You Reliving Your Childhood

If you’re obsessed with Halloween, then that probably means you’ve been watching your fair share of festive movies this month! Most tend to prefer a good horror movie to get them in the spooky spirit, but let’s admit it, not all of us can get through one without covering our eyes half the time. In that case, why not rewatch some of the Halloween movies you grew up watching every season? Even if that means watching the DCOMs we all loved, you have to get in the spirit somehow! Grab some popcorn and candy and get ready to relive your childhood!

1. Halloweentown

Out of all the movies on this list, this one has to be my all-time favorite. I watch it every year and somehow still get excited when it’s on TV. This Disney Channel hit is essentially about three kids, Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie, who aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween. They decide to sneak out and follow their grandmother home to what they discover is Halloweentown, where grandma Aggie is a witch. If you’ve never seen this then may I ask, what are you doing?! For those of you who love it as much as I do, there are also three sequels to watch!

2. Twitches

Another Disney Channel classic! On their 21st birthday, twin sisters (played by Tia and Tamera Mowry) are reunited after being separated from their homeland of Coventry. The two find out that they have magic powers, which they later use to try and save their homeland from the forces of darkness that have taken over. Disney even made a sequel, so don’t forget to add that to your movie marathon as well!

3. Hocus Pocus

It’s not Halloween if you haven’t watched Hocus Pocus yet again! A few kids explore an abandoned house in Salem, Massachusetts when they accidentally resurrect a coven of witches who used to reside in the house 300 years ago. These witches are now trying to become immortal, and the kids are doing everything they can to try and stop them. This movie consists of everything you could possibly want in a Halloween movie – black cats, witches, graveyards, and plenty more!

4. Casper

I can’t make a list of must-see childhood Halloween movies without including Casper. If you haven’t seen it already, this movie is about a friendly ghost named Casper who peacefully haunts an abandoned mansion. A paranormal specialist and his daughter, Kat, move in to attempt to get rid of the ghosts so that an heiress can tear the place down and look for hidden treasure. But the real beauty of the movie is the friendship that develops between Casper and Kat – the dance scene gets me every time!

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Before you say anything, YES this is a Halloween movie, and no I’m not mad that it happens to be a Christmas movie, too. Jack Skellington, aka Halloween Town’s pumpkin king, grows tired of his town’s holiday, which is when he happens to stumble into Christmas Town. That’s precisely when he comes to the conclusion that he must take over Christmas the one way that anyone can – by kidnapping Santa. Not to mention you’ll definitely have the song “This is Halloween” stuck in your head after watching this.


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