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The Funniest and Most Creative Movie Character Halloween Costumes

1. ‘Darla’ from Finding Nemo 

Darla is a hilarious character that we remember from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. This is an easy DIY costume and a huge crowd-pleaser. Not to mention you can run around yelling “wake up fishy, wake up!”

2. ‘Buddy and Jovie’ from Elf 

This iconic couple costume might be a little harder to DIY, however it’s definitely worth the buy. Be the stars of your Halloween party by spreading Christmas cheer, and singing loud for all to hear! 

3. ‘Princess Mia’ from The Princess Diaries

We all love the Princess of Genovia, especially her look before her royal makeover. This is a fairly easy costume to put together, and you can even spice it up by adding a tiara! 

4. ‘Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear’ from Inside Out 

If you’re looking for an amazing group costume for your squad, what better than to dress up as than all of your favorite emotions? 

5. ‘Megan’ from Bridesmaids 

Megan, Melissa McCarthy’s character in Bridesmaids, is hilarious. Find some of your old stuffed animals and copy this unreal look after she stole nine puppies from the bridal shower. 

6. ‘Kuzco, Yzma, and Kronk’ from Emperor’s New Groove

These animated characters brought to life make great and easy DIY costumes. Whether you want to go solo as the Emperor, or make it a group costume with your friends, it’ll definitely be a hit. Don’t forget to bring Kuzco’s poison. 


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