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Food Blog: How to Eat Healthy On the Go

For those of us who are spending many of our summer days in a cubicle somewhere in the city, sooner or later we are going to forget to brown bag it to work. While eating on-the-go is certainly convenient, it almost always ends up in mucho calories quickly. However, here are a few places (in no particular order) that will help you keep your calories on the down low, even when you’re on the go.
Sticking to the six grams or less menu will do more than help you cut down on your fats, it will also curb your appetite in a jiff with less than 330 calories. The trick to staying low cal in the city is all about choosing the right condiments like vegetables, vinegar, and mustard and avoiding cheese, oil, and mayo at all costs.
While it’s certainly not lunch-worthy, Starbucks is a must-have when you need a caffeine pick-me-up during the day. Whatever your iced or brewed beverage may be–minus the Tazo and Chai teas–I would recommend using the mad libs approach to ordering your beverage. Use this Starbucks menu to familiarize yourself with the nutritional values!


Another great way to reduce your caloric intake as an intern is to look up your prospective meals ahead a time to avoid poor decisions. Wendy’s, for example, offers a customizable nutrition facts page where you can check out how much your bun is really worth. While this fast food chain may seem like a place where you would rather not count your calories, getting something like a Jr. Hamburger at 230 calories (bun and toppings included) is sure to keep you on the right track while you are away from the ARC this summer. Although a salad may seem like a healthier alternative, I recommend avoiding these garden sensations, since they are often at least 500 calories a salad!
Also known as carbohydrate castle, Panera  is home to many delicious and low-cal signature sandwiches such as the smoked Turkey Breast (330 calories) and my personal favorite, a half-portion of the Napa Almond Chicken Salad sandwich (340 calories). A word to the wise: stay clear of items that include a bread bowl and always opt for an apple instead of chips or a piece of bread.
So when you do forget your brown bag at home, remember these places and tricks to staying healthy in your cubicle this summer!

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