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Food Blog: Go Green Without Breaking the Bank

We all wish we could rid our lives of harmful additives and preservatives, but it’s nearly impossible to do for the average college student. Here’s some of my tips on how to eat organic on a budget, meaning no calling Mom and Dad for more money.

Is it local?
Probably the biggest tip in going organic is to buy goods grown in your area whenever possible. During the summer and fall months, Farmer’s Markets make it easy to buy just about everything fresh and local, including vegetables, meats and dairy, without breaking the bank.
Get Dried and Go Nuts
Not only do nuts provide you with oils that make you look and feel healthier, they are also relatively affordable. I suggest going to your local grocery store and looking for the “no salt,” “no preservatives” nut of your choice to meet your organic needs. It’s also great to eat dried fruit. Again, always look for products without preservatives to make sure you’re going green.
Genuinely Generic
Unless you have a certain loyalty to a specific brand of food, then buy generic. With many grocery stores now adding organic food sections, it is convenient to find organic store brand foods.
Got Milk?
As an organic food eater, I find that milk is one of the most expensive items on my grocery list. When taking your weekend trip to the grocery store, buy milk in the half gallon. Chances are that if you don’t split grocery costs with your roommates, you probably don’t go through an entire gallon of milk in two weeks, unless you really like the stuff.
Perhaps you’re like my cousin who was excited to receive her first coupon binder on her 16th birthday, or you could be like me and you never really save on anything.  Coupons actually do save money when bargain shopping for organic goods at your local grocery store and Whole Foods. So instead of using your free time to creep on Facebook profiles, creep on the Internet for savings on the staple goods you normally buy at the store.

You don’t need to waste money to go green; that’s not what living an organic, sustainable lifestyle is about. A sustainable lifestyle is one that you can maintain, so therefore the most important rule of thumb when buying organic is to live within your means. 


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