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Food Blog: Apartment Cooking Tips – Becoming Your Own Personal Chef

Leave the Ramen noodles at home this year if you’re the proud renter of an apartment like I am. The time has come when you alone have to prepare three different meals every day, unlike all those times your parents, the dining hall or Papa John’s did it for you. I know you’re thinking, “I am way too lazy/busy to cook for myself all the time,” but there are tons of tricks for making this transition easier. Here are ten things that will make your new life as a chef simpler.

1. Buy in Bulk:
Get staples and non-perishables from super stores like GFS or Sam’s Club so you don’t run out as often. I am already not looking forward to grocery shopping, so buying in bulk will keep you stocked and prepared to cook, and also save you some money.

2. Prepare in Advance:
Pick a day to put together as many meals for the week as possible. Doing all the work at once means you can afford to be lazy later, and will help you out in time crunches.

3. Embrace New Things:
Cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be a drag. If you look at it as a way to branch out, or change the way you eat, then trying something new will keep you cooking despite your laziness or busy schedule.

4. Get Back to Basics:
Not every meal has to be a restaurant quality meal. Don’t forget about all of the foods that are delicious, fast and easy, like PB&J and grilled cheese. Perfect for lunch or a lazy dinner.

5. Drink it, don’t eat it:
Summer has me obsessed with smoothies and they actually make a great, small meal. Whether for breakfast, lunch or a snack, smoothies are super simple, and you can take them to go!

6. Share the Burden:
Got a roommate? Take turns cooking for each other so you’re both not suffering in the kitchen all the time. Plus, you’ll get to feel pampered every time your roomie serves you!

7. Take a Break:
No, you don’t have to cook all the time. While eating out constantly is bad, eating out occasionally lets you relax and avoid dishes.

8. Accept Charity:
If you’re lucky enough to still have friends with meal plans then don’t turn down any extra credit offers. Hey, if they want to use those credits to buy you an all-you-can-eat dining hall buffet, that’s their prerogative.

9. Never Leave Home Empty Handed:
If your mom goes all out on meals when you’re home like mine does, ask her to freeze them so you can take them back with you and heat them up in your apartment.

10. Cookbooks And Google Are Your Friends:
Not knowing what to cook can make you feel like you don’t want to cook at all. Bless Betty Crocker’s heart and the internet for solving that problem. Close your eyes, pick a recipe, and cook on!

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