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Five Things We Should Say to our Moms

Admit it, our moms are pretty awesome. However, as children, we often fail to tell them how much they mean to us. Therefore, here are five things you should tell your mom just time for U of I Mom’s Weekend.

1. Mom, you are a superhero. First, they give birth to us, which is enough to be superhuman. More than that, they feed us, nurture us, watch us as we fall asleep, take care of us when we are sick, cry with us when we are upset and are there for us every step of our lives. They go beyond the call to make sure that we are always protected, which means Marvel’s Superwoman has some major competition.

2. Mom, you really are right. You are sure to put a smile on her face when you tell your mom she’s right. Through all the screaming matches, slammed doors and awkward fazes you went through as a blossoming young adult, your relationship with your mom often wore thin at times. Sometimes you didn’t want to hear her advice on love, sex, work, fashion – all because we never thought they understood us. Well, we are all past that and are now a flourishing college student, all thanks to those helpful tips from mom.

3. Mom, I forgive you. Every mom/superhero makes a mistake. Maybe they went too hard on you when you came home past curfew. Or maybe they were not there for you in a time of need. A mom’s guilt runs far deeper than we can see. Even if you think they are okay, most of the time they are worried they didn’t do their motherly job right. Therefore, just take the time to ensure her that they are loved and forgiven.

4. Mom, I will never stop needing you. A mother hen’s worst fear is when their little bird leaves the nest. When we go off to college, a mom is bound to go into a state of non-stop worry. If your mom is like mine, they will stay up until you call her from being out all night. Or she will check in on you to see how your big test went. But who could blame them? We will never ever stop needing our moms and they will always want us to keep needing them.

5. Mom, I love you. Three powerful words pretty much sums up all four other phrases. I truly believe a mom’s love is the most powerful love there is. It is the first love we experience as children and is given to us completely unconditional. Yes, we might yell at them, or ignore them. We might even forget to call them from time to time to tell them we are okay here in Champaign. Nevertheless, mom is always waiting for us with open arms to embrace us with a hug, a kiss and unconditional acceptance. There is no better love than mom’s and we should return the favor a little more often with a simple, “I love you, mom.” Besides, we can only hope to be as great of a mom ourselves some day. 

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