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Five Halloween Episodes to Binge This October

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As October begins, fall activities and Halloween celebrations start to become a reality. With cooler weather and cozy vibes, a perfect way to ring in the season is through binging iconic Halloween episodes of fan-favorite TV shows. 

Whether these episodes are nostalgic or give a fresh, entertaining take on the spooky season, curling up with a blanket and your favorite candy can be a great pastime. Even for October lovers who dislike the scarier side of the season, many entertainment options exist for a feel good watch. With the variety of streaming platform selections, Halloween is just a click away.

Stranger Things: “Trick or Treat, Freak”

After the excitement and buzz surrounding Stranger Things’ season four release over the summer, revisiting the show is never a bad idea for fans. The 80s setting gives audiences’ a retro take on the Halloween season, complete with Ghostbuster costumes, trick or treating, and Max’s iconic Micheal Myers mask. Additionally, demogorgons and the Upside Down provide a fear factor that even some horror movies lack. As always, Stranger Things’ sci-fi genre also gives the episode the perfect amount of suspense for a Halloween-time viewing.

Glee: “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”

For fans wanting a musical take on the season, Glee’s single Halloween episode pays homage to the iconic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In light-hearted musical numbers, the movie’s best hits are tackled in all of Glee’s early 2010s show choir glory. Topped with elaborate costumes and choreographed performances, this episode is perfect for audiences wanting the opposite of horror during the season.

Euphoria: “The Next Episode”


For costume ideas and makeup inspiration, look no further than Euphoria’s Halloween party episode. Rue and Jules’ Romeo and Juliet costumes or Cassie’s Alabama Whitman costumes are easily recreated and recognizable. Additionally, with the show’s iconic cinematography, “The Next Episode” provides a stylized and emotionally intense watch while still celebrating the spooky season. 

The Office: “Halloween”

It would not be a list of Halloween specials without The Office making an appearance. With six different Halloween-themed specials spanning nine seasons, The Office has no shortage of holiday spirit. The season two episode “Halloween” is the one that started it all and can be fans’ first stop for fun costumes, sarcastic humor, and Michael Scott’s beloved workplace drama. The abundance of costumes and Halloween shenanigans are sure to increase the excitement for the holiday and provide inspiration for easy, realistic outfits.

The Suite Life of Zach and Cody: “The Ghost of Suite 613”

Despite the Disney Channel show’s target audience being kids, this episode was surprisingly creepy. Mainly noted for its nostalgia factor, this TV episode would be fun to watch with friends. Revisiting childhood favorites is always exciting, and the full-out Halloween vibes of this episode are unmatched. Disney Channel has a catalog of Halloween films and episodes, but The Suite Life of Zach and Cody will always be an icon among them.

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