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Five Guys Every Girl Will Date

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

No matter how much control we try to take over our love lives, there are some things that are unavoidable. If finding prince charming was so easy the first time, we would never truly appreciate finally finding our true love. Unfortunately, dating is far from black and white, and you never know what pit stop or dead end you might hit next. But while you’re speeding to find Mr. Right, there are five speed bumps you’ll encounter on your journey. Here are the five guys you’ll most likely date in your lifetime.

The Bad Boy:

You remember when you were growing up, your mother would sit you down and tell you what to AVOID in a man? Well this is him in the flesh. He will probably attract you at first sight. He will probably have that look, you know, the rugged look, and be confident, funny, keeping all the women chasing after him. At first he may be sweet, but shortly after, there will be unanswered texts and calls and he might even have other women on the side.

You will spend most nights wondering why you’re wasting your time, then go right back to him shortly after. But, in good news, you’ll eventually get tiresome of his disregard for your feelings and move forward. Unfortunately, you may date two or three bad boys in your life. It’s sadly almost never a one-time thing. Grab some besties and Ben & Jerry’s and cry this one out.

The First Love:

Some of us get lucky and marry our first love, but some of us are not as lucky. Your first love will be your first everything. He will be the reason you listen to love songs all day, analyze the lyrics, watch romance movies and croon to all your friends about your new found happiness. He’ll teach you to trust, take risks, open your heart and help mold you for years.

Usually we experience this love in high school or college, but life tends to intervene. This love will pave the way for future relationships and set the standards. Enjoy it while it lasts.

The One that Got Away:

I’m sure we can all relate to Katy Perry’s song “The One That Got Away.” This is the boy who was perfect. He was the picture-perfect guy you imagined walking down the aisle with. He texts you good morning and goodnight, sends you flowers randomly, wants you to meet his mom and more. He’s ready, but the problem is, you’re not.

Though he wants to offer you everything, you’re still curious to see what else is out there. Though you might date him and give him a chance, you know you’ll eventually let him go for someone who will love him whole-heartedly. Years later, you’ll find yourself singing, “The One That Got Away,” until the actual one comes around.

The Stalker:

This guy was desperate to get you that when all your options ran out and you were quite desperate, you decided to give it a shot. He might call you 10 times a day, pop up at your house and tell you he loves you after the second date.

Though you might like him at first, his clinginess gets annoying. No one wants to think about restraining orders if they don’t have to.

The One:

I’m still looking for the one. When you find the one, you will know. He will be like your first love, but even better. You’ll be even more mature than the first time, and you’ll be ready to give this one your all.

He’ll be sweet, passionate, rough around the edges but still have a heart of gold. He will be the one to glue each part of your heart back together and make you thank all the guys who did not work for you. He won’t hesitate to commit to you because he knows you’re one-of-a-kind and he will love you until the end. Your past loves will be rough drafts, but he will be your final piece of work. Cherish this love, ladies.


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