Fashion Blog: What To Wear And Bring In Order To Survive Summer Festivals & Events

School’s out and it’s time to kick back and enjoy the summer festivities! With rising temperatures and crowds, how can you actually enjoy yourself and not be preoccupied with other things in mind? Wearing the right clothes and bringing the right things is a must. When going to summer festivals, sure, you want to look great, but you’re going to be spending hours outside, probably in very arid weather. You’ll be outside most, if not all, of the time, so you should be prepared for all weather conditions.

1. Boots:
Dr. Martens, Wellies, or any waterproof boots may be your best friend during these outdoor summer escapades! A nice pair of hard boots will protect you from people stepping on your toes, rain, mud, dirt, everything! If you’re afraid it’ll be too hot for boots, opt for shorter shafts. Boots are also great for jumping around to your jams and just getting down and dirty! Don’t associate combat boots with just grunge or punkwear. Combat boots can add a bit of surprise to your outfits. Pair them with flowy dresses and a denim jacket or keep it casual with denim shorts and a tee.

Docs come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Wellies, or Hunter Wellington rain boots, are very popular with the music festival crowds. Kate Moss seems to always wear these!

2. Rain Jacket:
All right, a rain jacket or poncho isn’t really the most fashionable thing in the world. It’s probably next on the list to fanny packs (which are sort of making a comeback?). But unless you want to carry an umbrella while rocking out to Led Zeppelin, Maroon 5, or whatever when it begins to rain, having a rain jacket is a pretty great idea.

Hey, if you wear a transparent one, people can see your actual style better! Woot!

3. Backpack or Messenger Bag:
You really shouldn’t be carrying your Balenciaga or Alexander Wang out during these long summer outings unless you feel very safe. You’re in a massive crowd of people and call me paranoid, but I’d be afraid someone would snatch my bag. Also, unless you have a shoulder strap attached to your bag, you probably should think twice about bringing it out. A backpack or messenger bag is ideal for these festivals because they carry lots and you’ll probably want your hands free.

4. Comfortable Clothes:
Dress comfortably. Don’t wear heels or some dress that’s way too tight to move in. Seriously.

5. A Plan:
The worst thing is the world is to not know what your plan is. Plan out the whole day so if you’re going to a concert series like Lollapalooza, you can section your time off carefully for all the musical acts you want to see! If you just want to have fun and not think about planning or whatnot, then at least make sure you carry enough provisions (water, money, portable phone charger, etc.) to last you the day. If you’ll be in state, some notable events this summer are Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago, Spring Awakening Music Festival, and Pitchfork Music Festival!

And here is an aggregation of music festivals happening in the United States this summer:

Have fun and stay safe!