Fashion Blog: How To Rock The Embellished Collar

Incorporating something simple like the embellished collar into your style is just one fabulous way to improve your wardrobe. Lately, I have seen Peter Pan collars take over people’s closets. Not only do collars add a sophisticated approach to your look, but they also can transform your outfit into various styles.

Many collared shirts have embellishments to give them a more detailed look. It is a cute, but fun way to add a little something to your casual button-up, ranging from long sleeves for class during the day or tanks to rock when you are going out at night. A favorite is this simple shirt that could easily be turned edgy from Urban Outfitters. You can wear this specific shirt under a casual sweater with jeans and flats for a day look or with a high-waisted, full skirt and pumps for a night out.

Another fun way to include collars into your everyday look is detachable collars. They are so easy to throw on with any outfit, whether the collar is super feminine and paired with a chic dress or something completely different like a leather collar paired with jeans and booties. I think one of the simplest ways to rock the collar is wearing one with a sweater. I find myself doing this frequently, especially now that it is starting to get chilly. 

Detachable collars are also a great way to transform your outfit from day to night. There are many varieties when it comes to adding a collar to your outfit. Selections like studded collars give you an edgier look. Collars embellished with pearls create a classier outfit that will make you look crisp and clean. I love combining these girly collars with a simple bun to build a classic yet chic look. Different types of trendy collars include glitter, sequin, lace and beaded collars. 

If your style is simply not bold enough to rock an embellished collar, you can always pair a statement necklace over your shirt but right underneath your collar. This is such a fashionable look if you want to add a little more spunk to your casual button-up. It is a less risky way to show your glam side, while keeping the traditional button-up trend.