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Essentials You Need This Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

It is finally time to break out your sweaters and boots. Though the weather has not fully transitioned into the brisk temperature that we all know and love, it is certainly on the horizon. The start of a new season means the arrival of new fashion trends. With so many fresh things popping in stores, it is hard to tell what is going to be a timeless classic and what you will donating with tags still on it next year. I will walk you through classics to include in your fall wardrobe that are sure to stick around.

Fall is all about layering. Sweaters, flannels, button ups, leather jackets, an oversized blazers are all of the rage this fall. Bring out your own personal style by playing with patterns and textures. It is always a good idea to keep a few neutral statement pieces in your closet to dress up or down. By layering different tops, it prepares you for the unpredictable fall weather. My suggestion would be getting a chunky sweater that can be paired over or under things, a good oversized blazer to dress up with jewelry or down with a sweatsuit, and a good flannel to advance your outfit from drab to fab.

Denim trends are ever-changing, but will forever be in style. This season, say goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to wide leg and vintage denim. We have seen throughout the past few seasons that wider leg denim has become more prevalent, but it’s coming full force this fall. The classic wide leg Zara jeans are sure to be in high demand as well as Levi 501s. Jeans can be dressed up or down depending on how you style it. Be sure to have some looser jeans to elevate your wardrobe this season.

If you are stuck on Harry Styles Love on Tour TikTok like I am, you know that the outfits his fans are putting together are top notch. Between pantsuits, corset tops and vibrant colors, everyone is stopping at no expense to dress to the nines. Going along with those trends, business wear is becoming the new causal. Trouser pants with casual tops will be all over the magazines and Pinterest. Not only will “business” pants be popular, but oversized blazers will be making a comeback from last fall. Get your hands on your dad’s old blazers or hit up your local thrift store to be on trend this fall.

Fall fashion can be completely your own. There are so many ways to make each look unique to your own personality and vibe. These essentials will help set your closet up for success, while still giving plenty of room for you to explore new trends and clothing items. Happy fall and happy shopping!

Katie Hafner

Illinois '23

I am a junior at the University of Illinois. Excited to share all things college, Champaign-Urbana, beauty and lifestyle from my perspective in this ever-changing world that we all are navigating through.