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The Dreaded “G” Word

With spring break in full force, the final weeks of second semester senior year are coming to a close. The semester has been filled with many lasts for seniors, and while we’re all afraid of the big, bad “g” word, our time is coming, my friends.

I can’t believe it’s my final semester here in Champaign. It feels like just yesterday I was moving into Garner Hall in the Six Pack, which doesn’t even exist anymore because it’s been knocked down

These have been some of best years of my life, and I will be sad to leave it all behind. But before I go, let’s take a look back at some great things only college kids can get away with for four consecutive years. Here are a few other things that will be mere memories once graduation rolls around.

1.     Freetime

Choosing class schedules may have seemed stressful at times, but with no class on Fridays and the average early wakeup call at 10 a.m., the amount of free time college students have will be missed. Whether it was binge-watching a Netflix series or catching up on some homework, we should be cherishing these moments of free time, because soon, the 40 hour work week will become reality.

2. Living with friends

While some of us may be moving into a new, post-college apartment with friends, others may be moving back home (no shame). Living with friends for four years has been like a huge sleepover that every pre-teen dreams of. It’s been fun, but maybe with less sleepovers after college this next missed memory won’t be needed as much.

3. Naps

That’s right, naps. They’re the best because they can happen at any time for as long as any college student really wants, and they will definitely be missed. Unfortunately, full-time jobs do not offer naptime, and we all may feel like our first grade selves who realized elementary school isn’t like kindergarten anymore.

4. Day Drinking/Events

Block. Exchanges. Impromptus. Soak up the last six weeks of going out on a random Tuesday night for wine night just because these will soon be a thing of the past. Friday happy hours will be our new excitement to get us through the work week, which may in fact, be a good thing. I’m pretty sure we’ve all ran out of party theme ideas for the basement of Kam’s, anyways.

5. College Student Specials

Whether it’s a block drink special or just a dinner roommate food special, the cheap perks will soon be gone. Other than following Groupon and Living Social for deals and specials, be ready to pay the price. That’s right $6-$8 for a single Bud Light.


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