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Do Not Let The Distance Get Between Your Relationship

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Long distance relationships suck. I mean, I get it, I was long-distance for close to two years, but don’t scare yourself from having a long distance relationship. Here is a list of tips to keep your long-distance relationship healthy and thriving.

Make schedules for each other

The thing that helped me the most was creating a schedule. The hardest part of being away from one another is feeling like you are living two separate lives and you aren’t connected. By creating a daily/weekly schedule you can feel included throughout the day. Being in two very different places from each other can be tough, and by knowing what the other is up to throughout the day can not only help plan time for talking to each other, but it can also help with creating a connection so far away.


This may seem like the easiest thing in a long distance relationship, but in reality it is extremely difficult to communicate with each other. Long distance usually means being fully online which can cause miscommunication easily. Communication also includes making time for that specific communication. Plan those nightly FaceTime calls before bed where you can talk about day, or even call to eat dinner together. Keeping in touch is extremely important in continuing to either building trust or working on issues, however over communication is also not as good thing, because you do not want to become dependent on each other either.

Find time to hang out, even if it is miles apart

My boyfriend and I would hang out every weekend when we were long distance, well, at least virtually. We made time to play video games together, which allowed us to have fun and relax while being indirectly with each other. This could include a lot of different things, whether that is video games, watching a movie together, or doing actives on FaceTime such as cooking or baking or crafts.

Find ways to make each other feel loved

A text saying “I love you” can only go so far for making each other feel loved. By doing little things for each other, you can continue to show appreciation for one another. Here are love-language specific ways to make your significant other feel loved even in a long-distance relationship. If you partner’s love language is words of affirmation: mail them a love letter once in a while, or even make them a stack of “open when…” letters they can read whenever. For gifts, don’t order random things off Amazon. Many services offer special gifts you can order, such as a stuffed animal with a custom message or a gift basket especially for your loved one. Quality time can be tricky, but by following my tips for communication and planning hang outs, you significant other should appreciate the time you dedicate. Acts of service may seem difficult, however, a big one can include reminders! Reminding your loved one to do something they forgot is an amazing service, and I cannot thank my boyfriend enough for doing this for me. Finally, surprise visits can fulfill physical touch, and the surprise could make up for all that time without it.

Julia Ciura

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