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Denim On Denim: An 80’s Fad That’s Back For Spring?


We have all heard the term “Canadian Tuxedo,” but no need to fear, denim on denim is definitely a must-have that is trending this spring season.  Surely this trend had its debut in the 80’s along with shoulder pads and fanny packs, but it has evolved and is here to stay. Although wearing denim on top and bottom looks easy, there are some careful tricks you can follow in order to pull off this trend. If you would like to appear sophisticated wearing your denim and avoid looking like you just walked out of the eighties, it is important to wear two different washes and weights. My favorite way to pull off denim on denim is wearing a classic chambray shirt with a pair of jeans that are several shades darker and a graphic tee underneath. This will help break up the two items of clothing by creating some contrast within your outfit. Pairing a jean jacket with dark denim like indigo or even black jeans and a patterned top is a modest approach that looks great as well. Because denim on denim can be so risky, I also love pairing my perfect chambray shirt with coated jeans. This way you are sure to have a contrast of tones and you get to mix textures! 


The options are endless when creating your head-to-toe denim ensemble. Since jeans come in many varying hues, it is easy to mix and match. Making sure your proportions are flattering will help you keep this look modern. Matching a loose chambray with fitted skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans with a slimmer cut denim top will complete your look and give off a more stylized vibe. Accessories will be your best friends on your denim on denim days. They help polish your overall look since chambrays are so practical and versatile. Clutches and pumps in rich patterns look fabulous and will grab all the attention to complete your look. Statement necklaces over your buttoned up chambray can help spice up your monochrome outfit as well. 


Don’t be afraid to take risks with this trend! Printed denim is all the craze this season and would look great paired with a denim button-down to create depth and take your outfit to a whole new level. Denim pencil skirts are making a huge comeback this season, paired with a loose chambray tucked in and some colored pumps to complete the look. Denim jackets come in so many variations including studded, oversized, or sleeveless. Whichever twist you want to take on your outfit, jean jackets always seem to stay in style. If you fear looking like you are wearing a denim suit, break it up with a patterned blazer or a bright knit to tie it all together.

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