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A Day Of Unofficial, As Told By The Bachelor

Unofficial is a tradition that is very special to the hearts of UIUC students (as if we didn’t already have enough excuses to drink at inappropriate times each week). Unofficial, which originated on campus in 1996, invites students to celebrate a day of partying to replace the real St. Patrick’s Day, which lands during Spring Break. For those who don’t know quite what’s in store for them yet, we have created a day of Unofficial, as told by The Bachelor. What better way to showcase a messy day on our college campus than by the crazy contestants of this show?

You’re up and ready for a day of the best holiday of the year for UIUC students…Unofficial!

You try to set some limits for yourself so you will survive the day. It’s game plan time. For some good tips, check out our “Unofficial Rules for Unofficial” article here!

You get to the first party and begin to contemplate your life choices. It’s 8 a.m. on a Friday and you’re drinking warm green beer.

You wonder how half of these people are already so lit this early in the morning, but you sing the words to “Come On Eileen” anyways to try and blend in.

Finally you are caught up to everyone else and it’s time for the fun to begin. You make your way over to the bar and if you’re anything like Corrine, you aren’t scared to embarrass yourself a little because it will only make things more interesting.

Everyone is paranoid all day but you have nothing to worry about because you are a responsible individual who knows how to handle their liquor… duh!

The party breaks up and now you have to narrow down your options to choose what apartment party to crash next.

You step outside and all the sudden the day’s activities begin to catch up with you. Luckily your friends have your back and stick by your side, even at your worse. Just like Vanessa + Nick, power couple!

Luckily, there is nothing in the world that a Joe’s burger can’t fix. If you’re anything like Corrine, food is life. And you really need to come back to life after the crazy day.

The food fueled you and you make your way to Joe’s dance floor. Your friends watch you embarrass yourself for a little until you reluctantly agree it’s maybe time for you to go home.

With a head full of great memories from the day, and a stomach full of green beer, you pass out for a long comatose in bed… at 5 p.m. Until next year Unofficial!


If you need more tips for Unofficial, check out our article on everything you need to know about the day, here. Remember to stay safe and drink responsibly if you are of age.


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