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Obviously there are exceptions and special cases for everyone, but, if you clicked on this article, are you really one of them? Honestly, the best advice I can give is do what your gut tells you, but in my experience and what I’ve learned from friends, here are a few tips— if you’re in a relationship or not. These tips, while maybe obvious, are sometimes things you just need to hear again. 

1. If you think everyday about breaking up, break up

As a general rule of thumb, if something bothers you everyday, you should do something about it. Whether its disease, a mess, or a relationship, if it negatively impacts your daily life, it is time for a change. Breaking up may be a harsh start, but it is at the very least time for a serious conversation with your partner, and if you aren’t comfortable with doing this, that is just another sign it is time to change. 

2. If he wont spend time in public with you, don’t worry about washing your sheets

When you’ve had boys over, things can get messy, literally and figuratively. If you want something very casual, ignore this advice. If you’re anyone else, avoid private settings until you are a little more serious. First of all, we all know what meeting up to “watch a movie” means, and if that’s all he has interest in, don’t bother. Just think, afterwards, you’d have to wash your sheets, and do you really want to do that if he won’t even go on a real date with you? If a boy has intentions of dating you, he won’t have any problems being in public and showing his prospective girl off in public.  

3. Don’t let your relationship take time away from your friends (and vise versa)

The age old saying of “sisters before misters” has been engrained in every woman’s head. Don’t be the girl who ignores all her friends to talk to a boy she’s known for two months. On the same token though, don’t just ditch your boy because your friends are being spontaneous. If you have plans, stick with them. It is as simple as that. 

4. If he isn’t responding, you shouldn’t be either

If he isn’t texting you first, engaging in the conversation, or asking you questions, he’s not worth your time. This is something I have to constantly remind myself. He should and will want to talk to you if he’s worth any of your time. 

5. It isn’t that deep

In conclusion, all dating is just for fun. It is meant to make you happy and confident. If something is making you stressed, take a break. Remember to go with the flow and listen to your gut. I will be the first one to say that heartbreak is real, but also to say that time does heal all wounds. Have fun and remember to take care of yourself first. 

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