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CU Street Style Blog: The Guide to CU’s Best Shopping Spots

Relocating to living in a campus town can really throw off a collegiette’s shopping prowess.  Getting used to your surroundings doesn’t just mean figuring out where your classes are.  Knowing your town is essential if you plan to buy any new clothes during your time at the university, which you know you will. Admit it, some of the pieces in your closet are getting a little dated.  Also, not everyone can afford to tote along a car to campus, so it is vital to know how to reach these stores whether it is on foot or by bus.  Check out these on and off-campus shopping spots in the Champaign-Urbana area:
Campus Town Shopping Spots:

Urban Outfitters
            Location: 507 East Green Street in Champaign
            Price Level: $40 – $70
            Ah, Urban Outfitters.  Honestly speaking, most of the wardrobe here is fairly fashionable and adorable.  The store is also located within walking distance of pretty much everywhere on campus.  On the other hand, it speaks to certain audiences, and when I say certain audiences, I mean the girls who can afford to drop fifty or sixty dollars on a top or dress.  Owning a piece or two from this store definitely causes you to stand out, and at times, it is good to treat yourself to a little gift.  Unfortunately, I advise you to bide your time until that shirt you have had your eye on goes on sale because when Urban has a sale, they really cut the prices.
Gameday Spirit
            Location: 519 East Green Street in Champaign
            Price Level: $20 – $45
            Any student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has visited Gameday Spirit at one point or another, be it for homecoming game wear or some sweatpants to lounge around in on those lazy days.  Although it mainly specializes in spirit wear, these can still be essential components in your wardrobe.  They even offer active wear for when you hit the gym!  Although the sweatpants and sweatshirts can get a little pricy (sometimes topping at $45), their sales make it easy to snag a number of shirts for an affordable price.  Besides the bookstore, they are the go-to on school style.
Off-Campus Shopping Spots:

            Location: 912 West Anthony
            Price Level: $1 – $20
            Nothing is more satisfying than finding a great thrift at Goodwill.  Just buying any of the hardly used items there supports job placement and training for disadvantaged people, according to the website.  There are several bargains just waiting to be found, and new items are added  almost daily.  The trip requires a bus ride, but if you have no qualms against buying used clothes, Goodwill is for you!

Market Place Shopping Center
            Forever 21($15 – $35)
            Express ($30 – $60)
            American Eagle Outfitters ($25 –$50)
            Location: 2000 North Neil Street in Champaign
            Out of all the near-campus shopping spots, this one is definitely worth the bus ride.  While it takes careful planning and timing to get to the mall, the number of shops available suit any style or price range.  Popular picks, such as Forever 21 and American Eagle, offer low prices around twenty or thirty dollars for casual, cute clothing that suit many body types.  For more sophisticated wear (perhaps for interviews), Express is a tad more expensive in the fifty to sixty ranges for some pieces, but the quality is high. 

            Location: 2102 North Prospect Avenue in Champaign
            Price Level:$20 – $35
            Most girls might think places like Target or Walmart that carry produce alongside their clothes are not the best place to find good fashion, but that is not the case!  In fact, Target recently acquired affordable yet fashionable pieces from Jason Wu’s collection, along with other designers.  Target has everything from floral dresses to comfortable skinny jeans and thermals.  So next time you take a bus out to grab some cereal or cleaning supplies, give the clothing section a look, and you will like what you see!

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