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College Bucket List (As Told by a Senior)

As a senior, it becomes time when we start to realize all of the amazing things Champaign has to offer, but just a little too late. It’s very common for us students to find something we enjoy doing, however, we then tend to stick to that one thing instead of broadening our horizons of what else could be fun.  It is usually the normal schedule of, eat, sleep, hang out with friends, decide to be fun and go out, and so on. However, there are so many more things that we can be doing instead of the same routine that might end up being more fun than the usual schedule.

Here is a list of things to do in college, and hopefully those that aren’t yet seniors will take advantage of the time left on campus!

1. Have a “family dinner” with your friends. If not weekly, then every other week.  It’s the years of college where all we need is just a little regrouping, and what is a better way than sitting around with your friends, talking about life and enjoying delicious food!

2. Check out downtown Champaign, it is such a cute area with many attractions with bars like Blind Pig to amazing restaurants like Destihl.  We may be broke college students, but when you feel like treating yourself, look no further than downtown.

3. Go bowling! This is something I have been pushing on my friends to do before we graduate.  It may sound a little high school-ish, however, it is still so fun! Instead of going to the same bar on campus and drinking with friends, get a change of scenery and have some cheap beer while bowling with friends!

4. Bachelor Mondays. Wine, Friends, and handsome men. Do I need say more?

5. If you’re in a sorority or fraternity, hang out with your “big”and “little!” There’s nothing better in college than getting the chance to spend time with people that inspire you, understand you and will forever be a part of your favorite college memories.

6. Take a trip with your friends! Yes, I know Champaign is amazing and we never want to leave our beloved campus, however, there is so much more to do! What’s a better way of making memories than taking a trip to Chicago, Nashville or another campus with your friends!

7. Go to school sporting events. You don’t have to have the best team in the world in order to have a great time watching games. One of my biggest regrets while attending the University of Illinois is not going to a single football game. I know, I’m appalled at myself, too.

8. Have fun nights staying in with friends instead of going to the bar! When we go out, it’s because we want to socialize.  However, loud music and alcohol sometimes get in the way of having a quality time with your friends. Stay in to play games or watch a great movie!

These are just a few of the many things that are on my bucket list before May 14th approaches. I hope it gives those of you who are not yet seniors some ideas of how to spend the rest of your time here.

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