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Blast from the Past: ’90s Fashion Trends

It’s hard to believe that the ’90s were over 20 years ago. Almost all of us collegiettes were born in the early ’90s and not only witnessed all of the decade’s trends, but wore some of the most popular ones as well. And just like almost every trend in the fashion world, ’90s fashion is back! As you’re transitioning into fall, try incorporating some of these famous ’90s trends into your wardrobe. 
People were all about the grunge look in the 1990s. This look was inspired by heavy metal and hardcore punk music artists that were popular during this time. Stars like Kurt Cobain wore flannel and acid wash jeans which are once again in style. This type of flannel isn’t your typical fitted, western style flannel, but rather one in a looser fit and darker color like maroon, forest green or navy blue. For an updated look, wear it open over a tank top or graphic T-shirt with your favorite pair of high-waisted cut-off jean shorts. With just three items, you’ve got the perfect casual look for class!
Another iconic trend of the ’90s that is slowly but surely making its way back into our closets is overalls. Many of us probably think of this look as childish because we spent our days watching Michelle Tanner on Full House wear them, but the overalls of today are no longer just made for people below the age of nine. Fashionistas like Kourtney Kardashian have been sporting this trend for a while now and stylishly doing so. Don’t be afraid about looking like you’re on your way to barn dance, this trend has become more chic than it was in the past because many of today’s overalls are more fitted than the shapeless ones of the ’90s. They also come in tons of different colors and lengths, so you’ll be able to find a pair you like no matter what!
Logos are making a comeback as well. While grunge started with the heavy metal and punk music genre, it’s safe to say that the logo trend was made popular by the ’90s hip hop and rap scene. Designer after designer during New York Fashion Week 2014 had their models walking down the runways with their brand name splashed across just about any type of clothing imaginable, like these DKNY looks below. You might not want to look like a walking advertisement for your favorite brand or designer, so an easy way to incorporate this look into your wardrobe is a simple T-shirt with the logo across it.
So all of you ’90s children out there, get excited! The decade’s hottest trends are definitely here to stay. Incorporate them into your wardrobe with a modern twist that will have you reliving your days of youth, but in a chic and fashionable way. ’90s fashion is both cool and stylish, definitely a must-have in every collegiette’s wardrobe!
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