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Binge Watch and Learn: Top 3 Childhood TV Shows

With spring break right around the corner, we’re all going to have an extra week’s worth of time with much less responsibility than what we’re used to. What better way to spend this extra time than taking a trip down memory lane by watching (and learning) from your favorite childhood TV shows? Here are the top three shows to watch from your childhood this break, and the important takeaways you can appreciate now that you’re an all grown-up collegiate.

1. Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie was everyone’s favorite teenage blonde from 2001-2004, and for a good reason–this girl had a strong head on her shoulders. The lesson? When it comes to friends, it’s always quality over quantity. She didn’t have many friends, but all she needed were her two best ones, Gordo and Miranda. The older you get, the more you realize that a few solid friendships are worth so much more than countless, meaningless ones. Not to mention that deep down she was probably much happier than arch rival, Kate Sanders, who ditched Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo for some “cooler” friends!

2. Zoey 101

Zoey and her friends seemed so cool when we were young; They lived on their own as teenagers and basically went to a high school that was college. Zoey was a smart, outgoing and amazing friend who somehow found the most eclectic friends that fit together like puzzle pieces. While they got themselves into trouble, they always managed to fix it, like when they accidentally wrecked a teacher’s car during a carwash and got it repaired, or when they outsmarted their dean during the infamous “Coffee Cart Ban”. The takeaway here is never to limit your creativity and potential to solve a problem, no matter who you are. Zoey and her friends always went after what they wanted, regardless of the fact that they were kids often going against authority figures. And the bonus love lesson here: don’t wait so long to tell someone that he/she is the one you want. We all know Zoey and Chase could have gotten together way earlier!

3. Drake and Josh

“I never thought that it’d be so simple, but,” if you can finish that line, then you know the glory that was Drake and Josh! While they didn’t always get along seamlessly, these two step brothers truly ended up encompassing what friendship means. While being hilarious, and constantly looking out for each other, Drake and Josh always (well, usually) had each other’s best interest at heart. The lesson here is that people can surprise you, so you should be open to people different than you. Drake wasn’t exactly thrilled about his new dorky brother, but Josh ended up winning him over with his uniquely sweet and kind-of-charming-in-a-weird-way personality. To think that this friendship would have never come to be if Drake stayed close minded is a tragedy!

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